What is Scent Marketing and what do you need it for?

Derived from sensory marketing and neuromarketing, scent marketing is based on a series of techniques that allow scent to influence the environment.

In countries like the United States, Canada, and Japan, scent marketing is used to stimulate the senses and increase business profitability.

Brands that have implemented aromas in marketing know the great benefits of elevating the senses of their consumers, providing them with a comprehensive shopping experience.

Merchandising is no longer enough: Aromas Marketing

According to an article published on the site Negociosyempredamientos.org in May 2012, it highlighted that human beings remember 35% of what they smell.

The human nose is capable of distinguishing about 10,000 different smells, placing the sense of smell as one of the most sensitive and emotional.

Similarly, a study published by SOSI (Sense of Smell Institute) indicated that the brain is able to remember 50% of visual impacts in 3 months compared to 65% of odors after one year.

Against this background, scent marketing is an efficient and economical alternative for brands that want to provide unique experiences to their consumers.

The great advantage of its employability is that it is a non-invasive technique, so you will receive the message in a spontaneous, pleasant and memorizable way.

It is about using one of the least exploited but most important senses in the human being, smell, where it is even possible to create notoriety and brand identity.

Although branding is still important when looking for positioning, using techniques focused on the consumer’s senses is a trend that some brands are not letting go of.

Finding new differentiators to achieve positioning in the consumer’s mind by appealing to the senses with olfactory marketing becomes relevant through the odotype.

The odotype specifically refers to a specific scent that brand scent marketing uses and which we will discuss extensively in another space.

For now, determining an odotype not only works as a differentiator, but also gives the brand a more defined and memorable personality.

Scent marketing is a science that uses criteria that go beyond the use of diffusers, it involves a whole commercial strategy that helps businesses in various sectors, especially in the hospitalization industry.

From hotels, cinemas, restaurants, coffee shops or retail, scent marketing is used to leave a mark on the consumer’s mind and increase sales.

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  • Carmen María Díez López. (2013). Olfactory Marketing: What smell do you have in mind? León: University of León.



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