The 6 best hair dryers January 2021

Hair dryers are the star element when it comes to hair styling. With it you can get any hairstyle that you propose, yes, if you have enough skill for it. But you don’t have to be a potential hairdresser to enjoy using the dryer in your day-to-day life. The dryer is the best ally in winter, when going outside with wet hair can be the trigger for a less-than-desired cold. There are endless brands that offer professional hair dryers and / or for domestic use. The models are endless and you can choose the dryer depending on the type of hair (dry, mixed or oily), the length (short, long, medium) or the texture (straight, curly, wavy, etc.). The use of what is going to be given in terms of frequency (every day, every X days), if more than one person is going to use it, if the hair has some type of treatment … As you can see, the options are endless, so find out about the models that best suit your case. Here we leave you with 6 of the best hair dryers.

Top 6 best hair dryers January 2021

Rowenta Infini Pro Beauty Hair Dryer

  • Hair dryer with a professional AC motor with 2200 W of power, ready to withstand long hairdressing sessions without giving up brilliant and colorful results

  • Contains 2 6 and 8 mm air concentrating nozzles to facilitate molding and smoothing; includes diffuser to create natural volume on curly hair

  • Its 2 speeds and 3 temperature selectors + cold air button will allow it to fully adapt to your hairstyles and the way you dry your hair.

  • Ionic function with LED indicator allows to generate negative ions that neutralize static electricity in the hair and provide shine

  • Ceramic coating on the plates, the air passes ready to give more shine to the hair

Professional quality assured with this Rowenta model. Air speed up to 120 km / h, allows ultra fast drying. It includes an ionizer that eliminates static electricity and gives a healthy and strong look to the hair. A ten.

Remington retro hair dryer

  • Ceramic grill for even heat distribution and quick drying

  • 3 temperatures and 2 speeds

  • Blast of cold air to set the hairstyle

  • Retro Briefcase

  • Concentrator and diffuser

When design, retro and functionality result in this Remington dryer, which looks like something out of a 50’s movie. Three temperatures, two speeds, 2000 W … beautiful inside and out.

Remington professional hair dryer

  • Powerful 2400 watt dryer

  • Ionic generator and ionic function indicator light: 90% more ions for shiny, frizz-free hair

  • 3 temperatures, 2 speeds, turbo function and cold air blast

  • Increase air speed to speed drying

  • Includes concentrator and diffuser

With ionic function and 2400 W, this dryer has everything we could need. Adjustable with three temperatures and two speeds, guaranteed perfect styling.

BaByliss hair dryer

  • Professional AC Motor Dryer: duration 4 times longer (1000 h)

  • Air speed: 100 km / h, drying 20% ​​faster. Power: 2100 W

  • Hair dryer with 6 speeds / adjustable temperatures + cold air button

  • Ionic function: neutralizes static electricity and frizz for healthy, shiny hair

  • Dryer with diffuser, nozzle, hanging ring, removable filter and swivel cord

With this BaByliss hair dryer you will achieve a faster drying than normal, thanks to the 100 km / h air speed.

Philips hair dryer

  • Features ThermoProtect temperature adjustment

  • Jet of cold air that fixes the hairstyle

  • 1.8m power cord

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 22 x 31 cm

This Philips model has a volume diffuser and nozzle for shaping the hair. It has six speeds and temperature to achieve the perfect drying.

Bosch professional hair dryer

  • 2500W professional AC motor

  • PowerCare technology for faster drying

  • Ion generator to reduce static electricity

  • 2-position speed selector and 3-position temperature selector

  • Professional diffuser

With a professional 2500W AC motor, this dryer from Bosch is one of the fastest on the market. It has two speeds and temperature in three positions, in addition to including a diffuser.

Comparison 6 best hair dryers 2021


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