How to do Permanent Nails at home?

Welcome to the blog, this time we bring you a post about how to do permanent nails step by step that surely interests you. The article is designed for those girls who due to lack of time cannot paint them daily.

If you are tired of retouching your nails every day, the permanent manicure it’s the solution!

What is the difference between a permanent nail manicure and a traditional one?

The difference is in the composition and drying of the enamel. The traditional one is the one that we regularly have at home and that at the slightest scratch runs the risk of breaking or peeling off. On the other hand, in permanent manicure, a UV or LED lamp is required. This glaze lasts approximately 2 weeks.

What do you need to do this type of manicure?

In order to correctly make a permanent nail polish, you will need a series of elements that you can find in any beauty distributor.

– Disinfectant.

– Polisher.

– Nail file 120/140.

– Cuticle remover. You can also support yourself with an orange stick.

– Base Coat.

– First.

– Nail cleaner.

– Enamel permanent nails UV / LED.

Top coat or enamel sealer.

– Cuticle softener.

Don’t forget any!

How to do permanent nails at home step by step

If you want to learn how to do a permanent nail manicure at home step by step, now we will tell you about it. Do you already have the material? Let’s get started!


Step 1. Disinfect

The first step is to disinfect both our hands and the tools with which we will work. This step is very important, because if not, we could be exposed to any fungus.

Step 2. Lima

After having disinfected the hands well, we proceed to file the nails, remember that the file must be 120/140, and we are going to style it in the way that one wants.

Step 3. Cuticles

It usually happens that those “little horns”That we have on our nails bother us a lot, and all we want is to eliminate them. But specialists recommend not removing them completely, since the cuticle protects us from possible infections. But what we can do is remove the excess without touching the roots.

We will do this, letting the fingers soak in a container with warm water for approximately 5 minutes. Then don’t forget to apply a little cuticle softener. In the case of not having the softener, olive oil can also be used.

Then take the remover and push your cuticle back, you will notice how all that excess is lifted. You will continue with the other end pressing to be able to cut. Remember to do it carefully so you don’t hurt yourself.

A product that works very well for us to eliminate excess cuticles is the Essence Studio Nails Cuticle Remover Pen.

Step 4. Polishing

We will begin by polishing the nails in the same direction, this in order that the pores remain open and thus our enamelling is completely fixed. Little by little, you will notice a light and polished tone on the nails. And that means we are doing well.

Step 5. Waste disposal

With a cleaning towel, we will add a little nail cleaner, with this you will be able to thoroughly clean all the particles that may have remained when polishing.

You can use for example the essence clean & start nail cleaner.

Step 6. First

This is one of the most important products besides disinfectant, but why? In many other places the first as something necessary. But yes it is, since the first it will protect the nail from all those chemicals that permanent enamels contain. He first It is easily applied with one coat on each nail and allowed to air dry for 5 minutes (do not use a lamp for this step).

Step 7. Base Coat

After drying the first, we will place a layer of base coat on our nails, and for 30 seconds we will put them to dry in an LED lamp or in a UV lamp for two minutes.

Step 8. Enamel

In this step, we will apply our favorite permanent nail polish, carefully not touching edges or cuticles. Once you have finished applying the layer, it should be allowed to dry in an LED lamp for 30 seconds or in the UV lamp for 2 minutes. We will apply a second coat only to obtain a more uniform color and without imperfections. Let it dry in the same way that we dried previously, the time will depend on the lamp you are using.


Step 9. Top coat

When the polish has dried, we will put a thick layer on the nail, covering all the painted areas very well, so that it is well sealed.

We put our nails in the lamp again for the same time according to the model we have.

Step 10. Isopropyl alcohol

If your nails were a bit sticky you should take a little isopropyl alcohol and with medium strength clean the nails well until they are clean.

As a recommendation you can apply cuticle oil, for the damage that could have caused them due to chemicals.

When enamelling, try to do it in a place free from drafts, in order to prevent the enamel from drying out before applying the second coat and leaving marked brush strokes.

How can I remove the nail polish from permanent nails?

You will need to:

– Acetone.

– Aluminum foil.

– Cotton.

– Removes cuticle / orange stick.

– Polisher


We will start by wetting the cottons with acetone, placing the cotton on the nail, make sure it is well covered. And with a piece of aluminum foil, roll the finger with everything and the cotton without it moving.

We recommend starting with one hand so that the other is free and the one we are working on can be manipulated.

We let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes and the paper is removed along with the cotton. With the cuticle remover, we will remove the permanent enamel very carefully.

Finally, we will pass the polish on the nails, to remove any residue that has remained. Repeat on the next hand. Wash your hands very well with water, without soap. It is recommended to lightly massage the fingers with cuticle oil.

If the polish doesn’t come off easily, you can let it sit for 5 more minutes.

This is one of the easiest ways to do it at home, without damaging your nails. Now you can create your own permanent nails and make the design that you like the most.

However, it is very important to consider that the type of material you choose will depend on the quality of your work, as well as its durability.

It is also advisable to use a vitamin base from time to time that will help you nourish your nails throughout the process that has been done.

And you, what did you think of our step-by-step guide?

Leave us your comment and tell us what you think about permanent nails and if you found the process easy. In perfume deals, we want to know your point of view and we will be happy to read you 🙂


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