Chanel Allure Sport Homme Perfume Men Aquatic 2004

Chanel Allure Homme Sport is a version of the multifaceted Allure perfume for men. It is designed for sports lovers, and is designed with marine notes to remember the attraction of water on bare skin.

His sensual, rich and aromatic personality has guaranteed him a position among the greatest best-sellers today, exceeding the original Allure in number of bottles sold.

It was also chosen one of the 10 best men’s perfumes preferred by French women, thermometer market for perfumery.

Find out all about this very athletic perfume: what it smells like, what its most remarkable aromatic facets are, its longevity on the skin and its consumer approval ratings.

allure sport

Allure Sport – Citrus, Watery, Metallic, Sweet, Spicy, or Woody?

In 1999 Chanel launches its fourth men’s fragrance (excluding variations) in a house dominated by women’s fragrances.

Allure homme It was a complex composition that brought together four great families of aromas, four different personalities in one: the spicy, the woody, the sensual and the fresh.

Here at Perfumative we had already said that this is precisely why the original Allure was proof that “a little bit of everything” works in perfumery.

The same can be said of his version sport launched in 2004. But in this case, Chanel puts more emphasis on its fresh side, creating a cologne with great refreshing and energizing potential.

The formula is simply summed up: citrus, spicy and slightly metallic notes dance on a sweet and woody musky base. Voila.

This type of fragrance has everything you need to conquer a wide segment of consumers. For this reason, it has experienced great growth in recent years and practically all the large perfume companies have launched their own versions.

Allure Sport follows a natural evolution of the original fragrance. Contrary to what happens with other perfumes where different perfumers make subsequent versions, Chanel relied on Jacques Polge once again to turn Allure into a sports fragrance.