The 7 best eye make-up removers January 2021

Removing makeup is essential to maintain good facial care and protect your skin. In this article we compile a complete selection of the best eye make-up removers available on the market. Our experts have chosen the top eye make-up removers so that you can take care of your skin to the fullest by gently cleaning the eye area.

Top 7 best eye makeup removers January 2021

L’Oreal eye make-up remover

  • Brand – L’Oreal

  • Kind of product –

  • Gender – Female

First of all, we have selected a top-quality eye make-up remover product that is ideal to fully protect the skin in this area of ​​your face. It is the perfect makeup remover to completely remove the remains of all kinds of makeup in the eye area without damaging your skin. It leaves a kind of fine oil ideal to hydrate the skin, especially if you massage it, so it will not be necessary to apply a moisturizing cream in this area afterwards. It is a biphasic eye make-up remover so it is important to shake it before using it. It does not irritate or cause any type of stinging in the eyes or the most sensitive skin. We recommend it for combination skin that has a tendency to produce acne.

Biphasic eye make-up remover

  • Make-up remover biphasic solution, always shake before use, suitable for the eye and lip contour.

  • Without perfume. Easily remove any makeup even waterproof

  • Modern, light and effective makeup remover solution.

  • EVOLUX Biphasic Velvet Express 150 ml. – Biphasic Eye and Lip Make-up Remover

  • No irritation or itching

On the other hand, as they recommend us from FundacionconSalud We have chosen a biphasic eye make-up remover that we recommend adjusting well before using, both for the eye contour area as well as for the lip area. This makeup remover does not incorporate any type of perfume and will efficiently remove all types of makeup, including those resistant to water. It should also be noted that it is a very light, effective and modern make-up remover solution that will not cause any type of irritation or itching and that it is suitable for all skin types. Although it can also be used to remove make-up from the rest of the face, it is advisable to reserve it for the most delicate areas such as the lips and the eye area.

Garnier eye make-up remover

  • Biphasic eye make-up remover enriched with arginine

  • Removes makeup, including waterproof, while strengthening lashes

  • Vitamin E helps fight the daily aggressions that contribute to dry skin

  • Enriched with naturally derived arginine, its biphasic formula achieves thicker and fuller lashes in 4 weeks

  • Shake until a homogeneous color is obtained; apply a few drops on a cotton ball and keep it on the eyes for a few seconds; pass the cotton from the inside to the outside, without rubbing

Third, we have selected an eye make-up remover from the popular Garnier firm made with vitamin E that has anti-free radicals. A very efficient make-up remover that will help you to combat daily aggressions that dry and damage the skin to the maximum. It is an eye makeup remover enriched with totally natural arginine that also has a biphasic formula to help you strengthen your lashes and keep them much thicker, stronger and denser. This makeup remover works by shaking the formula, moistening the cotton and applying it to the eyelid area under the eyes to get rid of all makeup residues, dirt and sebum. It is a top quality product that has been ophthalmologically tested.

Eye, eyelash and eyelid make-up remover

  • Belcils brand

  • Belcils’ fluid eye makeup remover gel drags mascara and makeup off the lids, cleansing them thoroughly and without damaging the natural pH of tears.

On the other hand we find an eye make-up remover suitable for eyelashes and eyelids from the firm Belcils. It is a high-quality makeup remover fluid gel ideal for treating the eyes that will perfectly wash makeup and mascara from the eyelids, cleaning them deeply without damaging the natural pH of the tears. It is a fluid eye makeup remover that will allow you to completely remove makeup while toning your skin and allowing it to rest makeup free. In addition, this lotion can be applied directly and allowed to air dry since it is not necessary to let it rinse.

Provitamin B5 eye make-up remover

  • Gentle and very effective Biphasic make-up remover, suitable for waterproof make-up.

  • Dissolves and removes makeup and waterproof mascara.

  • Contains Cornflower Water, decongestant and anti-inflammatory, which will calm the delicate contour area, improving circulation and relieving swelling.

  • While it removes make-up, it hydrates, strengthens the eyelashes and preserves the delicate skin around it.

  • The Alpha-Bisabolol and the Flavonoids from the Chamomile Extract will be responsible for reducing inflammation in the area.

Do you need a quality make-up remover for the eye area? You will love this biphasic lotion because it is really soft and effective, suitable for all types of makeup and totally waterproof. It is a quality makeup remover that will dissolve and remove makeup and mascara from your face very efficiently. It is also a make-up remover that has cornflower water, is anti-inflammatory and decongestant and will perfectly calm the most delicate areas around the eyes of your face, helping you improve circulation and alleviating puffiness in your skin.

Eye and lip makeup remover

  • Brand – CLINIQUE

  • Product type – Eye make-up remover

  • Product designed for women

This eye and lip makeup remover is perfect for completely dissolving and removing long-lasting makeup, including long-lasting eye masks, which are often the most difficult to remove. It is a makeup that is neither itchy nor irritating and has been subjected to a large number of different ophthalmological tests. It is a great alternative for all those people who use contact lenses and need quality makeup that will provide them with extra protection. It also has a pleasant aroma of freshness that will remain throughout the day and is highly hydrating for the skin in these delicate areas.

Vichy eye make-up remover

  • Removes all traces of makeup, even waterproof

  • Tested on sensitive eyes under ophthalmological control, non-comedogenic, free of parabens

  • Suitable for contact lens wearers

  • Enriched with arginine and taurine

Finally, our professionals have selected an ideal Vichy eye makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup from your eyes and the eyelid area, including waterproof makeup. It is a premium quality make-up remover that has been tested on sensitive eyes by ophthalmological control and that it ensures that it is totally free of parabens and that it is not comedogenic. It can be used without problems by users of all types of contact lenses and it is also enriched with arginine and taurine, which will provide a lot of elasticity and vitality to your skin helping it to remain much more toned and youthful.

Comparison 7 best eye makeup removers 2021

Tips for removing eye makeup

The eye area and the skin of the eyelids is much more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face. This is why it is undoubtedly one of the areas that you must take care of your skin the most and remove make-up efficiently since taking into account that it is a very fragile and delicate area if you also do not take care of it and leave makeup on it Without removing it throughout the night, little by little your skin will appear more dull, dry and lifeless. Is about an area that is highly exposed to aging and therefore it is essential to take care of it as much as possible.

Now, to remove make-up from your eyes, it is not enough with any type of treatment or way of proceeding. In addition to selecting quality products like the ones we present in this compilation, which are formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients and are suitable for sensitive skin, avoiding perfumes and alcohols, it is also essential to take into account some guidelines to be able to permanently eliminate makeup without damaging your skin.

For the eye area it is very important to remove makeup always very delicately. If you rub too hard you will irritate the skin and the makeup will still take time to come off.

We do not recommend removing eye makeup only with water, but it will always be better to use biphasic makeup removers, since it is the best option to remove the most resistant products such as waterproof makeup.

In addition, it is also important to remove make-up from the eye completely and not leave product residues because in this way it will be much easier to avoid any type of infection that could take place if the make-up enters the cornea.

Do not forget to clean the eyelash area very carefully as well, from where they are born until the end, if possible using a cotton well impregnated with micellar water or a product specially made for the eye area.


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