What is the best light for makeup? Best bathroom mirror lights

To get makeup like a professional, it is essential to have the right lighting. In this article we tell you the best tips and recommendations for putting on makeup in optimal light. Read on to find out which are the best lights for the bathroom mirror if you want to put on makeup like the best experts.

What is the best light for makeup

The best light to make up according to experts is the one that most closely assimilates natural lights. Sunlight is the best that exists to put on makeup but as in most cases you are going to do your makeup indoors, it is best to select lights as similar as possible to sunlight to be able to do it with guarantees and that when you go out on the street your makeup is exactly as you had planned.

As the experts of Asealia.com, when choosing the lights to put on makeup, that is, the lights for the bathroom mirror, it is essential to choose uniform lighting that is clear, avoiding the shadows as much as possible to be able to apply makeup with guarantees and see how will be the end result.

Thus, in addition to taking advantage of the windows It is important to locate the lights in the bathroom mirror so that they will fully illuminate our faces. It is very important to avoid using only one point of light and that it is overhead and illuminates us from above. Instead of this it is best to choose a pair of lights on the sides that offer us a much more homogeneous lighting.

Likewise, it is important to choose neutral white lights, since they will be the most similar to natural lights and therefore will allow us to avoid all kinds of surprises when we go out in the sunlight. This light is also perfect for placing in the bathroom even if we put on makeup elsewhere because it will allow us to see ourselves well when we comb our hair, wax or wash to go outside.

We do not recommend using too bright or over-powered lights. What happens in these cases is that since we do not look good we put on excess makeup, and when we go out, we do not need so much and it seems that we are wearing a mask.

It can also be interesting to use light bulbs that will allow you to regulate or modify the intensity level of the lighting to see how our makeup looks with different lighting conditions.

How to choose the best light for your bathroom mirror

Likewise, We recommend always placing several light sources in the bathroom mirror to create the perfect cross lighting that allows us to put on makeup with the best guarantees of success. These types of lights are much more interesting than locating a single point of light since they give us a much more interesting perspective and allow us to illuminate our entire face very well to make up like professionals.

Translucent lamps with an opal finish are the best option for bathroom mirror lighting and light as they allow us to reduce reflections as much as possible, allowing the light to be much more uniform and also avoiding any type of glare.

On the other hand, we also recommend always choosing quality lights taking into account the CRI or color rendering index, a very important characteristic for light sources, especially if they are to be used as lighting for makeup. The higher the CRI, the better the colors will look and the more natural they will look, so with a CRI above 80 you can put on makeup as if you were doing it under sunlight.

By last, never choose fluorescent lights or yellow lights Because they will make you see your sallow face and again you will put on excess makeup in some areas and when you go out in the sun you will look terrible since this type of lights also distort the colors a lot.


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