9 Fresh and long-lasting perfumes for women that smell like summer

fresh and long-lasting perfumes for women

There are many fresh and long-lasting perfumes for women that keep us cool throughout the day, do not overwhelm anything and take away the worry of someone fainting next to us.

These 9 designer perfumes are perfect for those days of summer in which the only thing you want is to take a bath cool, or you just want to smell great in the office.

List of the best 9 fresh and long-lasting perfumes for women

tommy girl edt

9. Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl is the kind of perfume that gets you out of any trouble, but that you wouldn’t wear on a special occasion. Is a fresh perfume, what lasts all day and that pleases everyone.

It is not very special, but it is that sobriety and simplicity that make it such a good perfume.

It may not be a perfume with which they will ask you again and again what cologne you are wearing, but on the other hand, it gives you the assurance that you will always look good when you wear it.

Is it so light and nice that nobody is going to bother.

In fact, we think you would have to pour the entire bottle to get to that point.

It’s simple, smells clean and it’s perfect to cool off in summer. However, what we like the most is that it is a very long lasting. Compared to other similar fresh colognes this is undoubtedly the exception, as it lasts a long time.

It has a modern, citrusy and slightly sweet smell, mainly juicy fruits and white flowers. She is very feminine and her character is so luminous that it puts you in a good mood.

The trail it leaves is soft and sometimes it seems to appear and disappear, but it always stays with you for hours.

If you want a cheap fresh perfume, very long lasting and that you can use on all occasions, Tommy Girl is a good option to consider.

funny moschino

8. Funny! by Moschino

We did not know this Moschino perfume and the truth is that it has been a discovery.

Surely you have ever put yourself in a good mood without really knowing why, as if you suddenly had a surge of energy and you wanted to move, dance or give a cry of joy. That is the reaction that this perfume causes us.

It is the happiness of summer In a jar. It is a happy and playful perfume that puts you in a positive attitude.

Has a totally odor fresh and durable, perfect to use in the morning after showering and prepare to face the day with enthusiasm.

It is true that it does not have that side sensual what do others have fresh perfumes for women, but the good vibes it transmits is enough so that there is always someone commenting on how good it smells. When we first tried it we were amazed at how well it works.

It smells of bitter orange, green tea, and red currants. A fresh smell, effervescent, exquisite and novel. In about two hours it begins to become sweeter, more amber and more attractive, but it remains super cool and light at all times.

Of course, it seems to us a fresh perfume quite linear. So although it’s good for the day to day (work, classes, etc.), we do not believe that his strong point is the special occasions.

Because of how easy it is to carry, how pleasant it is and the good price it has, Funny! it is perfect for a young girl starting out in the world of designer perfumes.

light blue dolce gabbana

7. Light blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Most likely, you already know this perfume, since it is one of the fresh and long-lasting perfumes for women best rated of all time.

It is true that many people wear it and it is not so new anymore, but it deserves a mention in this list because it is a fresh perfume for women charming.

You will already know that there are two versions of this perfume, the normal and the version intense.

We have chosen the normal one because we believe that it is a better perfume in all aspects.

The version intense should be more durable, but it lasts exactly the same as the original, which is also fresher, more feminine and somewhat less woody.

It has a bright and sparkling smell that looks great on the summer. Crisp green apple, lemon, bamboo, jasmine, amber … It’s a combination refreshing, bright and sexy as hell.

If walks on the beach had a smell, this would be it.

It may be crowded, but it still looks up. No matter how many times you’ve smelled it before, it always manages to surprise you.

Light Blue is a summer cool perfume that transports you to the impressive cliffs of the Italian coast.

tiffany co

6. Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most prestigious and storied jewelers in the world. In 2017 they decided to make a perfume that represented the quality and status values ​​of the brand, giving rise to this jewel of perfume.

Is a women’s perfume that smells clean. It has a unique smell: feminine, cool, long lasting and, above all, with a lot of class.

Of course, it is a perfume that will not look good at a party on the beach or at a dinner with your friends.

It has a sophistication that sets it apart from other more ‘having fun’ perfumes.

When you smell it for the first time you know that it is a perfume to wear to the office, a meeting or a job interview. It gives an image of transparency and professionalism, of someone who makes a difference and knows what they are doing.

Its smell draws a lot of attention, because it reminds others citrus perfumes for women that you’ve already smelled thousands of times, but with an added touch of luxury and quality.

When applied it smells of iris with mandarin, and as the hours go by other fresh citrus like bergamot and lemon. In the end, when it dries on the skin, a smell remains light and delicious blackcurrant that balances between sweet and citrus.

Tiffany & Co. is an inspiring, radiant and determined perfume for a woman who shows herself.

l'eau d'issey issey miyake

5. L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake

East fresh perfume It is one of the great Japanese classics. Interestingly, today it fits better with current trends than when it was originally released.

Has that kind of smell cool, light and a little sweet so captivating and how fashionable it is 2020.

Imagine that you are taking a walk through a park full of cherry blossoms, barefoot and walking through the grass, still cool and a little damp from the morning dew. Suddenly a breeze appears soft that surrounds you in a shower of petals that float to the ground.

That is the sensation that this perfume transmits. It transports you to places full of life and nature.

Have a very natural smell and perfectly distinguishable from any other.

It smells of lotus flowers, melon, tuberose and amber, which give it that aroma refreshing and sweet at the same time. It also has a small woody point in the background that provides super sensual nuances.

L’eau D’Issey is a fresh and long-lasting perfume lovely for a woman naturally lovely.

endless euphoria calvin klein

Four. Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Normally, fresh perfumes they are usually citrus. However, this perfume is super cool and it has almost no citrus.

That gives it a delicacy, a lightness and a smoothness that make it very different from the rest.

It’s the kind of fragrance that looks up as you pass by. It is striking how good it smells, it is irresistible and does not have a common odor that can be found anywhere.

On the other hand, it is not the typical summer perfume watery and sparkling that you would wear on a day at the beach, but it has a somewhat more velvety, dry and springy character: it makes you feel happy, relaxed and snuggled in its smell.

Smells clean, a little soap and talcum powder, and a little nature. Its three star ingredients are bamboo, cherry blossom and violets.

That bamboo note is precious. It has a unique smell: it is natural, cool, light and woody, but with a little creamy touch that makes it captivating.

In our experience, CK Endless Euphoria is an incredibly pleasant perfume to wear. A fresh perfume for women, long-lasting and very feminine.

olympea paco rabbane

3. Olympéa by Paco Rabanne

Surely you know One Million, Paco Rabanne’s perfume considered one of the most attractive scents ever created.

This is the female version of the brand. A fresh perfume for women conquering, fun and informal to go out and have fun.

Its scent is deliciously sexy, sensual and captivating like few others.

What we like about this fragrance is that it is sweet and cool at once. It is not made cloying at all and can be used in midsummer without problems.

That sweetness refreshing It comes from a very original mixture: vanilla with salt. Yes, it seems like a strange combination, but the result it produces is wonderful.

It has a gourmand, creamy and salty smell that makes you want to eat it. Beyond that, the rest of the fragrance is citrus, sparkling and slightly woody.

And how could it be otherwise, it is also very durable.

When we have tried it, it has lasted about 7 hours on our skin, but there are those who can last about 10 hours.

It is the most sensual perfume on the entire list. The perfume of seduction. The perfume of the goddesses: Olympéa.

white tea elizabeth arden

2. White tea by Elizabeth Arden

The last two perfumes that we are going to talk about share several characteristics in common. They have natural ingredients, their smell is inimitable, and their freshness and duration they are out of the ordinary.

White Tea is a perfume that makes you feel as if you are being massaged in a room with a large window facing an interior garden, where soft music plays and the sound of a running water fountain is heard.

It is not one of those perfumes that put you on alert (like the one you would wear to a disco), but it is super relaxing, harmless and invites you to get comfortable.

Is a fresh perfume ideal to use with your partner or on a date with that person you like.

Not because it has a sexy or suggestive aroma, but precisely because of the sense of calm it transmits, which makes connecting with others much easier.

Smells like white tea and white iris. In the background there is an aquatic part that is a bit reminiscent of the sparkling smell of the sea breeze.

In the drying, which lasts more than 8 hours, super light amber notes and a little sweet come out.

In short, White Tea is one of the perfumes cool for women, durable and soft we highly recommend using this summer 2020.

daisy love marc jacobs

1. Daisy love by Marc Jacobs

This perfume has one of the most special scents that we have ever tasted. It is gorgeous both on the outside and inside.

It has a natural quality, it is sexy, feminine, cool, modern, long lasting, etc. But most importantly: it is totally unique.

It has a simple but captivating smell. It smells like arctic blackberry, a type of orange colored blackberry with a chubby and delicious appearance and a sweet, juicy and super refreshing smell.

It also has the classic margarita note of the ‘Daisy’ line perfumes, and a slightly woody background. All in all it smells great.

It is a perfect perfume for any situation, from the office to a romantic dinner. It smells so good that someone will always ask you what it is.

Daisy Love is ours fresh and long-lasting perfume for women favorite, and it will be our secret weapon this summer.


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