5 best perfumes for men in spring time

Spring is just around the corner, for that reason we have for you the best perfumes for men, unpredictable for this spring season.

We made a list with the 5 best fragrances for men that we recommend to feel fresh during the day and for longer.

5 best perfumes for men ideal in spring time


The first on our list of best perfumes for men is the M1078 fragrance, belonging to the Fougere Manly olfactory family, and is characterized mainly by its notes of coriander and lavender.

In the eccentricity in its heart notes, orange blossom, neroli and some green notes stand out.

Its fresh masculine scent makes this fragrance for men ideal to wear on special occasions.


From the Fougere Manly family, M977 is included in our list of the best men’s perfumes for its composition of lemon, orange and a touch of fir.

As heart notes, this essence for men stands out mainly for the mixture of jasmine, rosemary, rose and a touch of lily of the valley.

It is ideal for use during a hot day, it gives the wearer a subtle feeling of freshness and elegance for 8 hours.


Certainly one of the best perfumes for men For this spring time that could not be missing from our list.

It is a masculine classic of the manly fougere family, M631 is a scent that is well known for its long duration and exquisite aquatic sensation for its rosemary, bergamot and citrus notes.

In combination with the energy of the hedione and marine chords in its heart notes, this perfume for men is the ideal one to receive a new day.


We are sure that the following best perfume for men You’ll love it! Inspired by confident, elegant and charismatic personalities, M1095 is an essence that can be used for special occasions and daytime events.

From the manly fougere olfactory family, this Men’s perfume It stands out for its green notes, rosemary, bergamot and citrus accords.

Wrapping in a subtle freshness and clean feeling, this scent for men is also accompanied by notes such as hedione and marine chords.


Finally, on the list of our best perfumes for men We couldn’t leave behind the M1022 fragrance.

From the dynamic fresco family, this manly scent is mainly composed of ginger, bergamot and grapefruit, perceiving an energetic sensation of enveloping freshness.

As heart notes, aquatic notes, juniper, walnut and geranium are subtly perceived, reinforcing its duration for use throughout the day.

Which of them will you wear this spring? Tell us!

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Image: pixabay.com
References: fragrantica.es


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