Keratin for hair What is it and what is it for? advantages and disadvantages

It is one of the most requested treatments and that offers the most benefits: of course, we are talking about the treatments of keratin or keratin, an ingredient that plays a fundamental role in the world of styling and every day more hairdressers offer this service thanks to its magnificent properties and the wide variety of products that are added to its assets.

Here we tell you what it is, what it is for and what its benefits are.

What is keratin and what is it for?

The keratin It is a completely natural protein that we can find in the outer layers of the epidermis, such as nails, skin or hair. During childhood we create large amounts of it, but they decline as the years go by, as well as by constantly using harsh chemicals such as creams, gels and shampoo.

At present, keratin treatments For the hair They offer two modes of use: keratin shock and repair treatments based on this property. Both seek to nourish the inner layer of our hair, giving it an extra touch of shine, softness and color.

On the other hand, keratin straighteners, also known as Brazilian straighteners, offer permanent results and prevent frizz.


He keratin treatment It can benefit all hair types, regardless of whether it is dry or curly, providing the same results. Although there are different specifications for each case that we summarize below:

Keratin function according to hair type

According to beauty experts, the more porous hair is, the easier it is to relax and handle. If we have fine hair, it is recommended to use keratin applications to avoid losing the volume.

However, all hair can opt for this measure, as it reinforces the natural properties of our hair, although the results will vary depending on the type. For example, those who tend more to frizz will notice that the result is much better.

Advantages and disadvantages of keratin hair treatments

Just like any other treatment, the keratin treatment has its advantages and disadvantages that it is necessary to know before trying it on our hair. That way you can make a conscious decision according to your needs and desired results.


The keratin nourishes and repairs in depth, although it all depends on the treatment you choose. If what you want is to have permanent straightening or hair that is much more attractive and shiny, it will undoubtedly be very practical for you, since you will avoid using straighteners or chemicals to make it more docile.

Here are the most obvious advantages of this treatment:

Restructure the natural shape of the hair, helping to repair the hair fibers.

Protect and heal hair, restoring its shine and softness, healing the damage that irons, dryers and chemicals may have caused.

– You will have much more hair smooth and docile for longer.


Completely eliminate frizz or frizz.

– It will be much easier for you to comb your hair daily, your hair will feel more smooth, silky and straight, so you can forget about the plates.

– It is perfect for wavy or curly hair. This treatment is ideal for those people dealing with wavy hair and they want to have it smoother and more manageable. While it won’t leave you completely straight, you’ll have a softer, more compliant wave.


There is no single type of keratin treatment, and one of the most used is the one that contains formaldehyde, especially that with which a permanent smoothing is achieved. Although it is being discontinued, there are still aesthetics that offer it.

Among its disadvantages we find:

– The formaldehyde-based treatments are toxic and they can carry risks of developing cancer. So it is essential to use gloves and masks during its application.

– Its price can be somewhat high considering that its duration is around six months.

– It does not work for all types of hair, it is not recommended for very fine or not abundant hair, in which case there is a risk of damaging it.


– Allergic reactions on the scalp, skin or eyes are very possible. If you opt for this treatment, be sure to get it done at an esthetician specialized in the area.

Recommended keratin products

As you have seen, the keratin offers magnificent results that you can carry into your everyday life by constantly using products that contain it, such as shampoo L’Oreal Steampod Special Keratin Serum or the fixing gel Babaria Keratin Extra Strong.

Not only will you get the expected results from the keratin treatments, but you will also have them at your fingertips, at extremely attractive prices and without any risk to the health of your hair. Don’t stop trying them! You will instantly notice the great difference in your hair.

And you, have you ever used this type of hair product?

Give us your opinion or tell us about your experiences with these types of products. At Perfume, we will be happy to read you.


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