The 5 Best Men’s Perfumes [2020] (advantages and disadvantages)

Because your smell is your business card to the world, we teach you the 5 best perfumes for man of 2020.

best men's perfumes

Of everything you keep in your closet, your perfume is the only tool with the power to become the most interesting person in a group before you say a single word.

Why not choose a cologne that benefits you with advantages that no other can give you?

Like every year, clarify the 5 best men’s perfumes It has been an exhaustive job, but we are more impatient than ever to show you which ones are selected. You know how this works: 5 categories, 1 winning perfume per category.

Enjoy them as much as we do 😉

List of the 5 best men’s perfumes 2020

[Vista rápida] Winners by category 2020:

The Scent Absolute. Best perfume for adult men

Hugo Boss has the best perfumes for men in his repertoire when it comes to giving us an extra elegance, but this one in particular has driven us crazy.

It is an elegant, classy, ​​refined cologne, and at the same time it has a dynamism and a fun touch that transforms that ‘office’ type of maturity into an elegance more in the style of ‘Hollywood actor walking the red carpet’.

During the first minutes it has a somewhat generic smell, but suddenly it reacts with your skin and becomes a spectacular perfume: masculine to the fullest, a little sweet, dry, tiled, woody and super sexy.

It is built from the maninka note, which is a fruit with a totally unusual dry smell. It is reminiscent of the fruity flavor of blueberries, but mixed with an earthy touch and even a little herbal.

best men's colognes

In the background it has notes of ginger and vetiver that give it that warm lemony, woody effect and a hyper-crunchy texture (lovely).

Since we had the bottle in our hands we knew that it had to be the winner for best perfume for adult men. He has that elegant demeanor that differentiates a man from a boy, leaves an irresistible trail as he passes by and has that independent man attitude that impresses. In fact, it is one of the best perfumes for men according to women.

You can use it at almost any time of the year, but in spring and autumn it has the advantage of being very easy to use because it adapts perfectly to the season.

  • Its scent is 100% original and different from other men’s perfumes.
  • It is an elegant and dynamic cologne, with a totally masculine attitude.
  • Women love the way it smells and leaves a delicious trail that grabs attention.
  • It’s incredibly easy to use spring and fall – 3 sprays and voila!
  • We do not know to what extent it is a good idea to use it every day. It could get repetitive.
  • It has little development in the skin once the first minutes pass.
  • We hoped it would last longer. He arrives just at 6 am.

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One Million Privé. Best perfume for young men

This is the sexiest, most modern and sensual perfume for men that we have tried in a long time.

As unexpected as it may seem, One Million Privé is an absolutely groundbreaking cologne.

It has very little in common with that crowded One Million that we all know, which although for years it was an overwhelming perfume, with avalanches of compliments and attractiveness to infinity, now it is so popular that 90% of girls no longer even notice.

This flanker is much more masculine and only retains a little bit of the DNA of the first version. In our opinion they are completely different perfumes.

It has a spicy smell of cinnamon, with a note of tobacco (sexy as hell), a little burnt sugar, tonka bean and a note of mandarin that decorates the entire confection with a fresh touch.

best men's perfumes

It is a little less sweet, but much easier to enjoy and above all, to use.

It is no longer limited only to the night, but you can also use it during the day at almost any time of the year. You simply have to control the amount you wear and voila, they will tell you how good you smell even in your college class.

One Million Privé is better structured in the sense that although it is a perfume with a lot of movement, it has that balance that the original lacks. That point of maturity that marks the border between a perfume for adolescents and a perfume for young people.

It is still quite hidden and that is why we believe that now is the time to take advantage of having one of the best perfumes for men of 2020.

  • It smells great. It is a cologne that surprises every time you wear it.
  • It can be used at night and during the day, it is 100% enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone.
  • It is very masculine and has a scent designed to avoid looking immature.
  • It is extremely sexy and lasts for about 8 hours.
  • In summer it becomes more difficult to use due to the heat.
  • Leaves a moderate trail.
  • It is difficult to find a good price in physical stores.

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Montblanc Explorer. The best cologne to wear every day.

Montblanc Explorer is a perfect all-rounder for men who like to smell good every day but hate having to decide which cologne to wear every time we leave the house.

We are very happy to show you because of the entire list this is the perfume with which they have given us the most compliments by far (except for one). Practically every time we have worn it someone has come to tell us how much they like it.

The key is that despite having a fresh and light smell, behind it hides a sophisticated perfume with various levels of complexity.

At the top it comes out with a vibrant, fruity and light smoky pineapple aroma. After that, that clean natural smell of freshly cut wood appears, and finally a little spicy touch that is not very noticeable, but that gives the perfume a super crunchy texture.

best perfumes for men

Best of all, you can use it every day without exception. A 10 for versatility.

You can wear it to go to work at the office, to go to class at the university, to walk your dog in the park, to see a movie at the cinema with your partner (or with your date) … whatever. We have tried everything and we conclude that Montblanc Explorer never fails.

We love it and we are convinced that it is one of the best perfumes for men of 2020. Quick and easy.

  • You can tell from afar that it is a perfume designed with good taste.
  • It has a distinctive scent that you can easily turn into your personal signature.
  • Get a ton of compliments.
  • It can be used in practically any day-to-day situation and in any climate.
  • It is a cologne that you can use regardless of your age (best results between 18 and 40 years).
  • Its power is a bit weak. Sometimes you have to put up to 4 sprays to leave a full trail.
  • The design of the bottle is quite crude.
  • We do not think it is a good perfume for special occasions.

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Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct. Best quality-price perfume.

First Instinct costs 25 euros and gives results that other men’s perfumes 3 and 4 times more expensive do not even come close to.

It smells great, it’s novel, it’s sexy, it’s got attitude, women love it and you can wear it in just about any situation. We have been totally impressed because it is a perfume that smells like 3 times more expensive. Every euro you pay for it fulfills a function.

For its price it has a very distinctive aroma. It’s kind of a summer tropical scent, but with a super interesting woody core.

At first it smells like melon and gin and tonic, which are the aquatic part of the colony. Then there is a clean smell of cedar wood accompanied by a citrus note of lemon (not a normal lemon, but a natural and juicy lemon) and finally a touch of leather that gives it that sexy ‘winning’ attitude.

best perfume man quality price

What you have to keep in mind is that it is a fairly casual cologne, we would say even a little informal summer type, so we recommend that you do not use it to go to formal events.

For how little it costs, it is a perfume that is 100% worth it and that we find spectacular. It has a premium level of quality, it has compliments, an addictive smell and an unbeatable value for money.

  • The design of the bottle is very beautiful and gives the feeling of holding a luxury cologne.
  • It has a totally new and super attractive smell.
  • It costs less than 30 euros and its quality is at the level of much more expensive perfumes.
  • It smells great and looks like it works on the skin. It is a dynamic perfume.
  • As is normal in perfumes of this price, its duration is close to 6 hours in leather.
  • Its scent tends towards the ‘young adult’ side. From a certain age it becomes more complicated to use because it is not mature enough.
  • It is a cologne that only looks good in spring, fall and summer. Forget about using it in winter or in excessively cold climates.

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Acqua di Gio Profumo. The most durable cologne for men.

Acqua di Gio Profumo is a men’s perfume that lasts all day without any difficulty, but also has a conquering scent, smells clean and lasts for hours and hours and hours.

In our experience this is 12 hours in which it projects its scent around you continuously, plus 4 extra hours in which it becomes a perfume for short distances.

It has a natural aquatic, woody and a little herbal smell, a fantastic thing. At the beginning it smells of a bright and super refreshing bergamot, then the green notes that are mainly rosemary and geranium come out, and finally a touch of dried leaves (delicious!) That adds a bit of body to the colony.

best men's perfume according to women

It gives the sensation of breathing fresh air just brought in by the sea breeze, and best of all, the effect lasts from morning to night.

We are very happy to include it in the list, both for the good duration and for the exquisite smell it has. You can tell from a distance that it is a quality perfume.

It is to be used in situations from casual to semi-formal, it is a cologne with 70% elegance and 30% summer relaxation. Its smell is rather adult, with a plus of elegance in men from 30 years old.

Acqua di Gio Profumo is undoubtedly one of the 5 best perfumes for men of 2020.

  • It has a masculine scent that instantly captures attention. 8/10 in compliments.
  • It is built from natural ingredients of the highest quality.
  • It lasts all day. You can do it first thing in the morning and still smell it late at night.
  • It is totally distinguishable from the first version of Acqua di Gio.
  • Although it is a woody perfume, it has a cool part that does not work well in winter.
  • Its smell is not as distinguishable as that of the rest of the perfumes on the list.
  • It is a bit expensive, although it is excellent value for money.

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Summary of the top 5 colognes for men 2020.

As a summary, we include the following table in which all the classifications mentioned in the article are collected.

Fragrance Recommended age Duration Versatility Station
The Scent Absolute by Hugo Boss 25 to 55 years +6 hours 7/10 All year.
1 Million Privé From 18 to 30 years old +8 hours 10/10 Spring, fall and winter.
Montblanc Explorer All ages +6 hours 6/10 All year.
First Instinct From 18 to 35 years old +6 hours 8/10 Spring, summer and fall.
Acqua di Gio Profumo From 30 years. +14 hours 9/10 Spring, summer and fall.

It is possible that the notes corresponding to the olfactory pyramid that we publish do not coincide with the official ones. This is because brands often post a series of scent notes, but their scent profile can be totally different.

Remember that this list is made from our own opinion and experience with these colonies. This is our list of the best perfumes for men of 2020.


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