▷ When do Perfumes expire? All about its expiration date

Today we come to tell you that, like other personal care products such as creams and cosmetics, perfumes also expire. Although they are products that seek to preserve the smell, it is inevitable that with the passage of time evaporate or lose their intensity, in this post we are going to teach you to recognize when colonies expire and we will give you some tips so they last longer.

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When do perfumes expire?

In the world of perfumes, the concept of “expire” refers to the loss of intensity, that is, when the characteristic smell of our fragrance begins to lose.

On the other hand, if we notice that alcohol begins to predominate in the aroma of the cologne, our fragrance is already useless and it will be better to stop using it on our body. Later we will share some alternative uses for your expired perfumes.

when perfumes expire

Which perfumes take the longest to expire?

According to several studies, fragrances with stronger notes tend to last longer, between 3 and 4 years if stored correctly. While the softer colonies with flower essences begin to lose their intensity 1 or 2 years after opening.

Tips to extend the life of our perfumes

To prevent the Date of Expiry arrives prematurely in our fragrances, there are little tips that we can follow:

1. Store fragrances in cool places.

Although many of us like to display all our colognes on our dresser, this is detrimental to preserving the aroma of our essences. The correct is store jars in cool, dark places, since the solar rays will cause them to spoil faster.

Few people do it, but the best way to preserve the essence of our perfumes is to put them in the refrigerator since protects them from direct light and keeps them at low temperatures, however they can take other smells present in our refrigerator.

2. Do not store your fragrance in the bathroom

Many of us like to leave the perfume in the bathroom since it is comfortable to spray a little after bathing, however the humidity of the environment and the constant variation in temperature can accelerate the deterioration of our products. We recommend that you store your fragrance in the wardrobe preferably in its original box, this will prevent it from getting sun rays or evaporating.

perfumes have an expiration date

3. Keep your perfumes unopened

It is preferable to keep our essences in their original box and unused, because once opened they begin to evaporate. On the other hand, we suggest you not use several colognes at the same time, as it will take longer for us to finish each perfume and we run the risk of them evaporating before we finish them.

4. Avoid constantly shaking them

On many occasions we love to carry our favorite essences in our bags to use throughout the day, however the constant movement is terrible for our fragrances, since they agitate their molecules and the formula will spoil faster.

5. Use perfumes with intense aromas

Fragrances with wood and natural scents last longer than those with fresh and floral scents. If you like to use long-term fragrances, we suggest you buy perfumes with intense aromas.

6. Check how the fragrances are kept in the establishment where you buy them

It is very common that we see offers from colonies in different establishments, however we should not get excited before time. Before buying any product, check that they are well stored in the store and that they are at a cool temperature and away from the sun’s rays.

7. Buy the miniature versions of your favorite colonies

As we already mentioned, the fragrances start to evaporate once we use and open them. And a fragrance normally lasts more than a year, so it is normal for some of our product to get lost in the air.

use expired perfumes

Can expired perfumes be used?

First of all, it is important to mention that expired perfumes do not harm your health; they simply begin to lose their potency, however if you perceive a strong smell of alcohol, you can give it another use:

How to remove enamels. Due to their high alcohol content, they can work to remove paint from your nails.

As a cleaning product. Once expired, your cologne will be an excellent ally to remove stains and marks from mirrors and different surfaces, simply spray a few drops of fragrance on the surface and clean with a towel.

As air freshener. Another use for expired perfumes is to use them to perfume rooms such as bathrooms or closed rooms. Although it is not advisable to spray expired colonies on the body, you can use them without any problem to scent rooms.

So now you know perfumes also expire, but with these simple tips you will be able to extend the useful life of your fragrances. But remember that when they expire they can still use them in other ways, don’t throw them away!

Did you know that perfumes had an expiration date?

Tell us your point of view on this issue and if you knew that the colonies expired. And you, have you looked at the expiration date of your fragrance?


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