▷ The 5 Best Cheap Men’s Perfumes of 2020 (know them)

best cheap men's perfumes

If you are a man who likes to smell good and always carry an attractive aroma that accompanies him, the normal thing is that you have ever wondered if it is possible to get a great perfume at a cheap price. For this reason, we have compiled the 5 best men’s perfumes that not only Are cheap, but also, they have incredible quality and are branded.

In this list there are perfumes for all types of men, so now it is up to you to decide which one is the one that best represents you as a man.

1. Montblanc Presence, the best cheap men’s perfume with a clean scent

Montblanc is a recognized firm dedicated to the design of luxury items, of a very high quality and with high prices. However, most of their perfumes for men remain in a range of between € 20 and € 40, always designed with the good taste that characterizes the brand.

Olfactory pyramid

best cheap men's perfumes
  • Departure Cinnamon and Bergamot sweets
  • Body Apple and aromatic floral notes
  • Base very masculine wood and amber

Has a clean scent. Montblanc Presence has just the right amount of sweetness to be considered a perfume attractive. But above all, it smells clean. It’s the kind of perfume you put on when you get out of the shower to keep that clean feeling for the rest of the day.

Form an irresistible chord. Its notes create an accord of cinnamon and apple, citrus and white musk. The way the citrus mixes with the woody base of the musk is almost like a dance in which the two complement each other, resulting in a clean feeling tremendously nice.

It lasts a lot. Considering that its price does not exceed € 25, Montblanc Presence is extraordinarily durable. Her scent lasts between 8 and 9 hours, surpassing many of the great perfumes.

It can only be obtained through the internet so, although it is one of the best cheap perfumes, we recommend you make sure that it is what you are looking for before buying it.

  • 16 to 45 years
  • Ideal for any season of the year
  • Lasts about 8 hours
  • It has a very special clean aroma

2. Halloween Man Shot, the best mystery cheap perfume

Halloween is a line of colognes and perfumes created by the renowned Spanish designer Jesús del Pozo. Although it later became a separate brand, Halloween Man Shot preserves the original essence of the line, which makes it one of the best cheap men’s perfumes that you can buy this 2020.

Olfactory pyramid

best new halloween perfume
  • Departure creamy Iris and Vanilla
  • Body sweet Cardamom and Daiquiri, with alcoholic hints
  • Base Sensual Amber Wood

Work up your appetite. Halloween Man Shot comes out with very creamy notes of daiquiri and cardamom. Later, a slightly alcoholic and powdered vanilla appears, finally giving way to amber wood. Her scent It’s delicious, and it makes you want to eat it.

She is very attractive. Nobody expects to find a perfume that for less than € 30 generates positive comments from both men and women. However, Halloween Man Shot proves that it is possible. That is why we think it is one of the most complete aromas in its price range.

It is modern but shows maturity. Its note structure suggests a modern style perfume. I mean, very sweet and explosive. However, although it is sweet, it has a depth that shows maturity from the first moment. Therefore, it is a perfect option for both young and old.

The creaminess of this perfume makes it a safe bet for spring, fall and winter. If you are looking for something cool and light to accompany you during the hot months, further down this list you will find more suitable options.

  • From 18 to 45 years old
  • Lasts about 6 hours
  • Does not exceed € 30
  • It is a very unique and attractive perfume

3. Calvin Klein Eternity Air, one of the best refreshing cheap men’s perfumes

We already talked about its original version in our list of the 5 best men’s perfumes. However, this reinterpretation is lighter and fresher than its older sister, making it perfect for going to class or work, especially in the summer months. In addition, it is for about € 25 and its quality is luxury, which makes it one of the best cheap perfumes.

Olfactory pyramid

best cheap men's perfumes 2020
  • Departure Brilliant Marine and Ozone Notes
  • Body Apple and Vibrant Floral Notes
  • Base by Ambergris penetrating

It is very refreshing. From the first spray, a fresh accord appears with a base of sweet touches that transport you through sensations to the Italian coast.

It has a luxurious quality. In this men’s cologne they combine high quality ingredients. In particular, we make a special mention of ambergris, which develops with a very exciting nobility.

Highlight the naturalness. That is why, if you are a charismatic man with clear ideas, but at the same time simple and natural, this is one of the best cheap men’s perfumes that you can get today.

  • For men of any age
  • Lasts between 4 and 5 hours
  • It is very cheap and its quality is luxurious
  • It has a clean and refreshing character

4. Hugo Boss Bottled, the best autumn cheap men’s perfume

It’s hard to believe that a perfumery icon like Hugo Boss Bottled can be had for around € 27. Actually, this scent is a classic that does not go out of style and it is still the same or more conquering than when it was released.

Olfactory pyramid

best cheap perfumes man
  • Departure Delicious Vanilla, Apple and Cinnamon
  • Body Mahogany and juicy Citrus
  • Base of Manly Woods

It is an exquisite composition. All its notes make up rich and perfectly balanced chords. Not only that, but it’s sweet and citrus in just the right proportion, and it stands on a base. very masculine of different types of woods.

Forms a unique scent. And it is that it has vanilla, apple, cinnamon, bergamot, plum, various types of wood, etc., but all that remains in the background, since Hugo Boss Bottled is one of those rare exceptions in which the ingredients are so well combined that form a unique aroma. In this case, that scent is delicious and captivating.

It has an irresistible appeal. Because of its charm get compliments all year long. In fact, it is considered one of the most attractive colognes by women around the world. Although you should not choose a perfume just for its attractiveness, it always brings a plus.

It is clearly a fragrance for spring and fall. However, its Hugo Boss Bottled Intense version is perfect for winter, while Hugo Boss Bottled Tonic is extremely summery. Both versions keep the original essence and are equally cheap.

  • 20 to 45 years
  • Lasts between 6 and 7 hours
  • It’s a timeless classic
  • It is noble and attractive

5. Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc, the best off-road cheap men’s perfume

Yes, that’s its official name, we agree, it’s terrible. We don’t know what the Lacoste marketing team was thinking about when they decided to name this fantastic fragrance “L.12.12 Blanc,” but what we do know is that whatever is wrong with the name, what is good about it is its scent.

Olfactory pyramid

best lacoste perfume
  • Departure fruity cardamom
  • Body Ylang-Ylang sweet but deep
  • Base of exotic woods

It is an option not to think. In short, it is a fresh perfume, very easy to wear and that represents an active man. It is very harmless and it does not stand out, so it is excellent for those of us who sometimes do not know what to wear. In reality, with the Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc you will never be out of tune.

It is simple but unique. Despite being a fresh fragrance, it is not generic at all. You only have to take a look at its notes to realize that it is unique. Precisely, Virginia cedar and Ylang-Ylang are the ingredients that give it its greatest appeal.

The bottle is very nice. Why not say so? It may not be a defining feature, but you don’t want to have a jar like this on your shelf.

You can find it from about € 32, which makes it one of the best cheap perfumes for men. Find out here.

  • For any age
  • Lasts about 6 hours
  • It is cool and unique
  • It is very versatile

To end

In conclusion, although it is difficult to find cheap men’s perfumes that meet our expectations of quality and charm, there are fragrances and aromas on the market that offer luxury perfumes at low and affordable prices.

To facilitate this search, we have compiled the 5 best cheap men’s perfumes according to various criteria, among which are the following:

  • Our own experience with them.
  • The way the manufacturer brand works, its quality standards and its experience in the perfumery sector.
  • The evaluations of other people.
  • The ratings of hundreds of online users.
  • The opinion of a large number of women who consider them attractive.

Here is a summary table that accumulates the data mentioned throughout the article.

Fragrance Recommended age Duration Versatility Station
Montblanc Presence 16 to 45 years Between 7 and 8 hours 9/10 All
Halloween Man Shot From 18 to 45 years old Between 5 and 6 hours 6/10 Spring fall Winter
Calvin klein eternity air Any age Between 4 and 5 hours 9/10 All, especially summer
Hugo Boss Bottled 20 to 55 years Between 6 and 7 hours 7.5 / 10 Spring fall
Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Any age Between 5 and 6 hours 10/10 All

If the article has helped you and you want to be part of the community, be sure to leave a comment with what you think about these cheap men’s perfumes. 🙂


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