The 6 best facial exfoliating masks December 2020

For the facial routine to be as optimal as possible, exfoliation of the face is essential. This action is not recommended for frequent use, since it can result in a rebound effect, but it is necessary to help the skin of the face regenerate and always look healthy. To do this, exfoliants help make it easier (and faster) to exfoliate the face, helping to remove dead cells from the epidermis. We have selected six of the best facial exfoliating masks so you can combine them with the rest of the products in your routine.

Top 6 best facial exfoliating masks December 2020

Dead Sea exfoliating facial mask

  • Powerful Anti-Aging Properties: Our mask uses Dead Sea mud, known as the fountain of youth. Pure Dead Sea mud helps to effectively cleanse the skin and provides a relaxing sensation. Rich in minerals, pure mud helps renewal. of the skin, creating a gentle exfoliating effect that removes excess oil, toxins and dead skin cells for a smooth touch.

  • 100% Natural Dead Sea Face Masks: Our formula contains natural ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe vera juice and jojoba oil, known to treat, detox and cleanse the skin.Enjoy relief from skin conditions such as eczema , psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis through the natural exfoliation process, which restores your skin by balancing the pH.

  • Exfoliates, deep cleanses and detoxifies: Our Dead Sea Mud Mask draws toxins and impurities from the layers of the skin, absorbs excess oil and removes dead cells, dirt and toxins for fresh, smooth skin and clear with clean pores, even skin tone and fine texture. Pores, blackheads and pimples are no match for our Dead Sea Mud Mask!

  • Suitable for all skin types: Our cleansing face mask works with all skin types, including dry, normal, oily, combination, sensitive and irritated skin. This daily acne treatment has been designed to be highly effective and sufficiently soft for everyday use.

  • Luxury quality facial treatment for an economical price: Pamper yourself and give yourself a spa experience in the privacy of your home. This face mask is perfect for men, women or teenagers. It is a face mask for men and women. Our mud mask from the Dead Sea is the mask that best eliminates blackheads, reduces pores, moisturizes naturally and serves as a natural detoxifier for the body in general.

We reached the top 1 of our ranking with this Dead Sea mud mask, with powerful anti-aging properties. Helps cleanse the skin, while relaxing and calming it. Perfect

Visible Difference Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Mask Exfoliating Facial Mask

  • This treatment retexturizes and revitalizes the skin

  • Cabernet Grape Seed Extract – Helps brighten and balance skin while providing protection against exposure to harsh environmental elements

  • Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids: mixture of alpha and beta hydroxy acids of natural origin that calms and firms the skin

  • Aloe vera: the extract calms, softens and hydrates the skin

This mask helps to maintain the luminosity in the skin of the face, in addition to reducing the expression lines and to even the tone, thanks to the extract of grape seed, a powerful antioxidant.

Pink Clay Facial Exfoliating Mask

  • With pink clay, shea butter, peppermint and aloe vera

  • Purifies and remineralizes the skin

  • Brings luminosity to the skin

  • Ecological

Cattier Pink Clay Mask is a gentle purifying treatment for the most sensitive skin that helps maintain a healthy-looking face.

With this Nature Pacific mask you can remove acne marks, facial impurities, blackheads and reduce the size of pores with a single product.

Revive + facial exfoliating mask

  • GET BEAUTIFUL, YOUNGER SKIN! Eliminate stubborn blackheads, clean and minimize pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and hydrate them at the base of your skin with every wash. No machine is needed.

  • DOES NOT DAMAGE YOUR SKIN WITH RISK OF SCRATCHES – Most scrubs scratch and damage your skin. Our Microdermabrasion Sugar Scrub smooths dirt and dull skin while nourishing your cells, leaving your skin healthy and beautiful. Get a smoother, more youthful complexion in minutes.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO DRY AND DARK SKIN- Our natural face and body scrub removes daily build-up so your face can heal and look radiant again. Microdermabrasion at home saves money and helps to gently cleanse damaged skin, blackheads, stretch marks, and provides powerful acne scar treatment. Safer than a chemical peel.

  • LUXURY TWO-IN-ONE FACIAL TREATMENT: Use as a facial mask to balance your skin tone, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Your skin will absorb the healing agents of vitamins and minerals to restore and protect the skin. Lastly, it is an anti-aging mask that works.

  • CREATED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN- Paraben-free, alcohol-free and non-toxic. One of the highest quality skincare products that contains organic Aloe Vera, Manuka honey, walnut and powerful vitamin C to protect the skin from free radicals and premature aging in a simple scrub and anti-aging mask. aging all in one.

Thanks to this exfoliating facial mask, the removal of blackheads will be easier. In addition, it will help to minimize pores and regenerate your skin.

This clay scrub works a lot, since you need very little amount each use. Helps detoxify and unify the skin, in addition to regenerating and healing it.

Comparison 6 best facial scrub masks 2020


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