Learn to identify the Smell of Musk in Perfumes (very easy)

what does musk smell like

What does musk smell like? Even being one of the most used ingredients in perfumery, the musk smell it can be difficult to identify in a perfume.

Depending on its origin, the amount used and the rest of the ingredients that accompany it, its odor it may be completely different. It is for this reason that it is used in both male and female perfumes.

Musk: smell, origin and uses in perfumery.

The smell of musk

He musk smell in low concentrations it is slightly sweet, deep and with a certain clean aroma.

When used in combination with herbal or floral notes, its scent is similar to talc. In fact, the term ‘powdered’ is used to refer to perfumes in which the smell of musk is reminiscent of talc.

The curious thing about this ingredient is that in high concentrations its aroma stops being sweet and delicate, and it becomes a fecal smell. However, there are perfumes that use it in high concentrations and smell great. An example is ‘Original Musk’ by Kiehl’s but why?

original musk kiehl's

Many of the perfumes considered the most attractive in the world contain musk in high concentrations. This is because it is treated to preserve its animal, natural and deep side, but at the same time the most unpleasant part is eliminated (or concealed).

Uses and properties of musk

Now that you know the musk smell, we can go a little further. And it is that the main utility of this ingredient in many occasions is not the magnetic smell that it contributes to perfumes, but its properties as a fixative. That is, it is used to increase the duration of fragrances.

What does musk smell like?

This is because the molecules of the chemical compounds that make up the musk They are very large in size compared to the rest of the molecules used in perfumery.

To put it simply, it could be said that small molecules evaporate earlier, while large molecules stay longer on the skin.

For this reason, when mixing the musk With the rest of the ingredients, it is possible to considerably increase the duration of the perfume.

It is one of the highest quality fixatives, since it is very minimally invasive and does not alter the odor of the other ingredients. Other fixatives can react negatively with the rest of the perfume.

The musk deer

what does musk smell like
Musk Deer

He musk it has been a highly controversial substance throughout its history. Not for his odorbut by the way it is achieved.

It was originally drawn from Musk Deer, a type of deer that lives in the steppes of northern Asia. To achieve this, the animal had to be killed and its musk gland.

This, together with the fact that each deer produces only about 25 grams of musk, was causing a rapid reduction in the number of specimens of the species. Currently the Musk Deer it is a threatened species, so the extraction of natural musk is severely sanctioned.

For this reason, musk of animal origin It is one of the most expensive and scarce ingredients in perfumery.

On the other hand, the musk glands must be dried before they can be used in a perfume. This drying process is extremely slow, which hinders the creation of new fragrances.

For years, many resources have been devoted to developing synthetic substances that mimic the musk smell natural. All of them are grouped under the name of ‘white musk‘.

He white musk can take on very different shapes and shades, so define your odor it’s complicated. This is usually deep, woody, and somewhat sweet, but it can also turn floral and even citrus.

Musk perfumes

As he musk As the white musk They are used in the production of countless perfumes, both for men and women. Have a odor that adds character to fragrances and makes them very attractive, so those that include it among their ingredients have almost guaranteed success.

Perfumes with musk for men

Some of the men’s perfumes that can help you identify what does musk smell like are as follows:

  • Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch.
  • White musk for men from TheBodyShop.
  • Original Musk from Kiehl’s.

You may also be interested in our list of perfumes that last and leave a mark in passing, or our top sweet perfumes for men. In them you will find some of the perfumes with musk for men more durable and delicious.

Perfumes with musk for women

In women’s perfumery the musk smell It is used to add a touch of powdery powder to fragrances. If you still have doubts about how it smells, we recommend that you try one of these fragrances:

  • Daffodil scored by Narciso Rodríguez.

We hope this article has been helpful to you to identify what does musk smell like, and why it is such an interesting ingredient in perfumery.


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