What is it and what is the difference with a normal colony?

Do you know what a perfume tester is? Perfumes are something that most of us love to buy, that is why when we go to our preferred store we want to try them all. And these perfumes that you can try in stores are called samples or perfumes tester.

However, many times this product is only available as a sample in the store, and on other occasions, we can buy it directly for a lower price than normal. Are you interested in knowing more? In this article you will discover all about this type of product and how to know if it is a tester or imitation fragrance.

What is a perfume tester?

The perfumes tester They are the ones that the manufacturers send to the stores and businesses that are dedicated to the sale of fragrances, with the aim that they are used as evidence for customers.

This is done by the big brands so that we can try them and see if we like their smell, so that in the event that we feel captivated by their aroma, we convince ourselves to buy it.

Generally, sample perfumes They usually arrive in a different packaging than what we are used to seeing in original perfumes. That is why we can find some stores that allow us buy directly the perfume tester at a lower price than the original.

tester vs normal perfumes

Have you decided to buy a perfume tester? If you liked the idea of ​​getting your favorite fragrance at a lower price, below we will talk about the differences between the sample products and the normal ones and the imitations, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this product:

Differences between a perfume tester and a normal one

One thing to remember is that the tester It does not have the original box of the product, therefore it is cheaper to acquire this presentation.

If the lid is very large, it may not be included for space reasons.

Sometimes the sample comes with a label indicating that it is for test use only. However, this does not affect the quality of the product at all.

Beyond what has been said, they do not have any difference, the fragrance is authentic and the original packaging.

Differences between a tester and an imitation

They well say that cheap is expensive, and buying an imitation perfume is no exception. And is that despite its low cost, if you buy an imitation, it is likely that the fragrance will not turn out to be what you expected, so the aspects that you must take into account to identify these copies are:

– Check the cellophane: this material is not well adhered to the container, while in the samples original This is not like this. Be careful!

– The container: It gets to move inside the box and it can also present some relief from the mold that was used to create the imitation.

– The label: mostly do not contain complete information, while a tester it is packed in cardboard boxes and only the brand logo is displayed.

buy perfume tester

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a perfume tester

Since you know the differences, I will introduce you the advantages and disadvantages to buy a fragrance tester, in case you still do not feel very convinced to buy one. And these perfumes could be a great relief for your wallet.


– Its price is lower than that of an original fragrance. In some cases it can be reduced by 50%, so it is more convenient to buy 2 at the price of one. As on sale!

– The fragrance is 100% original.


– The product does not have the original box. This disadvantage does not apply to everyone, as some people might be bothered by this, but not others. It depends on you!

– It is not recommended as a gift. Like I said, some people find it annoying that it doesn’t come in its original packaging. For this reason it might be better to invest in a regular perfume if it is for someone else.

Fortunately, these are the only disadvantages of this type of test product or fragrance, since as samples are concerned, they try to preserve the fragrance rather than the presentation. Take advantage of!

Did you know about tester perfumes?

Have you ever bought one of these products?

We hope this article has been useful to you. If you know someone who can use this information, do not hesitate to share it or tell us your opinion and we will be more than happy to read it.


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