The Delights of a Caramelized Fragrance.

Prada Candy it is one of the most popular fragrances on the market. Determined to surprise us with a perfume different from what we are used to, the Italian firm presents a gourmand excessive and sensual, a whole explosion of smell.

Its composition is based on the triad of caramel, white musk and benzoin. All three elements are used in extremely high concentrations to create a warm, powdery, velvety, comforting, addictive, pop, and deliciously decadent scent.

In this article you will discover all the secrets of this fragrance: what its olfactory structure is like, what it smells like, how long it lasts on the skin and how it has been received by consumers.

prada candy perfume

Prada Candy: an extra dose of caramel, please

Prada fragrances had so far distinguished themselves by their classic, elegant touch and a certain exclusive side.

In fact, the first line of perfumes from the Italian firm was only sold in Prada stores: a series of thematic fragrances based on different scents such as iris, amber leather or narcissus.

The first mass release is Prada Amber. In 2007 they launched the famous Infusion d’Iris which has received much praise for being a very well crafted ode to the iris, with a nod to classic perfumes but a modern composition.

Following its success, Prada launched two other “infusions”: Infusion de Rose and Infusion de Tubéreuse, although less popular.

Looking for a new twist not entirely conventional, 2011 is the year of Candy. The fragrance introduces us to a new younger, spontaneous and very feminine Prada girl. It is proven that Prada also knows how to navigate less classic areas and continue to stand out with a sophisticated and sexy touch.

The Italian house repeats Daniela Andrier as a perfumer. She is the nose behind many of the Prada fragrances for both men and women, including Infusion d’Iris, Infusion d’Homme, L’Eau Ambrée and the most recent Luna Rossa.