Perfumes Tester – What are they, Advantages and Disadvantages

Those who recognize a good perfume, know that a fragrance is good when it permeates your skin and leaves its mark. But not everyone can afford to buy an original perfume, since its prices in the market are usually relatively high, depending on the brand and its packaging.

In this article, we want to share with you an ideal option to enjoy the smell of a good fragrance to a quite affordable price. It’s about the tester perfumes or tester perfumes.

Although many people distrust these products because they do not come in an original packaging, the reality is that they are an excellent option when purchasing a perfume. quality for both men and women. Next, we tell you in detail what is a tester or tester, its characteristics and differences that they present with respect to the regular perfumes of the brands.

Advantages and disadvantages of tester perfumes

What is a perfume Tester?

The perfumes tester or perfumes tester are manufactured with the intention of being used in perfumeries and shops to give customers a sample of the fragrance and persuade or entice them to buy the product.

It’s about a 100% original perfume which can be presented in different formats such as EDT (Eau de Toilette) or EDP (Eau De Parfum). Its main difference from the regular ones is its presentation. Precisely, since they are sample perfumes, manufacturers spend less on packaging, so the price of the product varies considerably.

The testers are manufactured for all types of men’s and women’s brands, including the most prestigious, such as: Carolina Herrera, Coco Channel, Paco Rabane, Calvin Klein or Christian Dior. You can find them in perfumeries or stores malls as fitting rooms or also for sale.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tester perfumes

  • The liquid in the testers is exactly the same as that contained in the original fragrances of perfumes for men or woman. You can use it with the same confidence as normal perfume, enjoying its smell for a long time. The important thing to maintain this fragrance is to keep it in a cool and moisture-free place
  • his price is relatively cheaper than a regular perfume. Ultimately, the content of the product is what makes the difference and it is what matters most.
  • Buying tester perfumes is the best option to take your favorite original fragrance anywhere. You can store it perfectly in your bag or backpack because its size.
  • The only disadvantage they have is that you will not be able to enjoy their smell for a long time, since their container is smaller than regular perfume. So you will have to run to the store again to get hold of it again.

Differences between a tester and a regular perfume

Differences between a Tester and a regular perfume

To clarify more about tester perfumes, we will tell you what are the qualities that distinguish it from regular perfume.

  • It usually appears with a label that identifies it as “Tester” or “sample”.
  • The tester perfumes have another presentation, generally without content or characteristics of the brand. They usually come in a white or brown box of cardboard.
  • The price of these products turns out to be much cheaper than the normal jar.

Where can they be found?

You can buy tester perfumes at perfumeries, drugstores and in some store of the malls from anywhere in the world. You will even find stores that offer some of the best brands for men and women. without any cost.


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