Eau de Rochas Will Never Go Out of Style

Eau de Rochas It is a classic of the elegant French fashion firm Rochas and remains their best-selling cologne to this day. In addition to one of the top ten best sellers worldwide.

Like a crystalline waterfall, it explores the freshness of spring water, and citrus fruits give it an invigorating character that makes it a happy and versatile fragrance.

Discover all its charms: its history, its smell, its durability on the skin, what the people who use it think.

eau de rochas

Eau de Rochas: one of the most colossal citrus creations of all time

We go back 40 years in time. Consumers are already tired of compositions with heavy and heavy odors. The demand for fragrances with a more natural cut revives the formula of the most traditional fresh waters.

At the same time, the travels of the hippies Patchouli-scented perfumes are popularized in Kathmandu. But in general these do not usually show off quality.

It is then that Rochas develops a creation to respond to the prevailing olfactory needs.

Its concept is based on combining the strength of citrus, organic and Mediterranean aromas with the earthy, woody and rich peculiarity of oriental patchouli.

A perfume that reproduces the strength and power of a mighty spring. Celebrating Mediterranean raw materials and their natural lifestyle.

These proposals sound very current today thanks to perfumes such as Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana or Acqua di Giò by Armani, but more than 40 years ago they were very pioneering.

The balance of its aromatic structure, with the contrast between its sparkling, salty, stormy and dense notes, makes Eau de Rochas much more than a simple citrus cologne.

Yes, its essence is fresh and invigorating but at the same time it maintains an attractive aura of darkness and mystery. Not least he has conquered faithful followers of both sexes for his enigmatic facets and his talent to transcend the rules of the game.

For all this, at Perfumative we dare to bet that it will never go out of style.

eau rochas