▷ The 9 Best Cheap Perfumes for Women 【2020】

If you are looking for women’s perfumes cheap and goodIn this list, I recommend fragrances of all kinds: fresh, floral, citrus and even dark and mysterious. Its price does not exclude the variety in which to choose. They actually smell like faces, and are top-tier brands.

The list is separated into two ranges:

I have also added a comparative table at the end, so you can finish clarify possible doubts.

I hope you find an interesting fragrance, that goes with your personality, and no matter the price.

Comparison of the best cheap perfumes for women

A floral perfume? citric? Maybe powdery? In the following table you can see a comparative table of the list, with the characteristics of each one.

Note: if you are using your mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Fragrance Smell Weather Day Night Wake Price
Cheap and ChicCheap and Chic Floral, citrus, woody Versatile, better in spring Day Moderate
Deep redDeep red Citrus, fruity, woody Cold Better at night Big
HalloweenHalloween Floral, powdery, navy Versatile, stands out in spring Best day Moderate
Tommy girlTommy girl Citrus, floral Warm Day Moderate
TocadeTocade Floral, vanilla, powdery Cold Day and night Big
Lacoste pour FemmeLacoste pour Femme Floral, fresh spicy, powdery Versatile, avoid winter Day Soft
Be Delicious Fresh BlossomBe Delicious Fresh Blossom Fruity, floral, citrus Warm Day Soft
TousTous Floral, woody Warm Day Moderate
EuphoriaEuphoria Woody, floral Cold Better at night Big

The best cheap women’s perfumes between € 20 – € 30

Cheap and Chic

Elegant and optimistic, a perfume with a lot of personality and quite exclusive. Very urban to use on a daily basis, leaving a very pleasant soapy trail. For a woman with an artistic point, classy rebel, who goes his own way but with his feet on the ground. I recommend it if you like to be different and want to stand out. If Olivia from Popeye had to choose a fragrance, this would be it!

Please note: It may seem like something sophisticated or mature.

Deep red

Mysterious, distinguished, sensual, deep. A perfume made to seduce. Ideal for night outings. It is fruity to start with, but after 10 minutes it transforms into an aroma intimate, mysterious and seductive. It’s powerful and immersive, and it won’t take long to receive compliments.

To take into account: It can give the sensation of a vanilla smell, like caramel flan. If you don’t like this dessert, it probably won’t go with you.


You will flood the room where you are with a violet mist, with a halo of mystery and freshness. It smells like a garden to me, when it has been raining all day, smelling the wet flowers. A fresh, clean, mysterious and very exotic perfume that will make you feel relaxed.

Take into account: Its wake can be perceived as pessimistic and gloomy, as created by a sorceress on a stormy afternoon.

Tommy girl

A classic with clean smell, hassle-free and easy to carry. Its essence of mint provides freshness and energy. It is youthful and cheerful, as its name suggests (girl, and not woman), ideal to dress informally, or even semi-formal to go to the office. I think its great quality being a citrus / floral perfume is its naturalness, since it does not smell cloying sweet.

Take into account: Despite being a best seller, perhaps it is too simple, without standing out in anything special.

The best cheap women’s perfumes between € 30 – € 40


So original that it won’t look like anything you can find. Its smell reminds me of rose talcum powder with a hint of vanilla. For a sweet and sensual woman, with a lot of personality. A combination of simplicity and elegance.

To take into account: Vanilla stands out a lot, becoming creamy and sweet. For this you may crave a caramelized perfume.

Lacoste pour Femme

Elegant and informal at the same time. A fresh, floral invasion that adapts to any situation. Powdery, velvety and silky smooth, it will envelop you in a soft and mesmerizing aura. Beauty and class in a bottle. I recommend it if you like floral fragrances with a sophisticated touch.

To take into account: It is quite linear, smelling the same from when you put it on until it dries.

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

One of the best cheap citrus perfumes for women. I would define it as a red apple mixed with roses and citrus, very refreshing. Soft and not cloying at all, giving an air quiet and subtle. Ideal for every day, both to go to a work meeting and to go to the mountains. I recommend it if you want a mild clean smell and not so sweet.

To take into account: It lacks character to stand out, perhaps it is too subtle.


If I could describe white as a perfume, it would be this Tous. It’s like being in a garden of white flowers neat and clean, with a soapy touch, giving a feeling of freedom. As a white basic in your wardrobe.

Please note: It has a very floral initial bang that can give a feeling a little stately.


Its quality is not discretion. It is dark, sophisticated, exotic and seductive. You are covered by a blanket with a violet smell, warm and enveloping, ideal for cold days, such as being in front of a fireplace. I see it for a confident, elegant and different woman. A scent that attracts with an aura of class and mystery.

To take into account: Its floral components can perhaps contribute too serious or mature.

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