9 Cacharel perfumes for women that smell like heaven

best cacharel perfumes for women

Over the years, Cacharel perfumes have earned a very special place in the hearts of thousands of women around the world. It is a brand that since its inception has been able to take style to another level with each of its perfumes. Some of them have gone unnoticed and remain today as hidden gems, which we will talk about later in this list. However, many others are – and have been – great references in the world of women’s perfumery .

What makes Cacharel perfumes unique is the way they represent, at the same time, the feminine spirit and class , but also the inner strength of the woman who wears them. They are aromas that put ages aside. Whether you are young or adult, you can wear most Cacharel perfumes without any problem, since what they do is enhance the personality of the person who wears them. Of course, there are some exceptions that we will now tell you about.

If you are a feminine woman, with style and great spontaneity, then these perfumes are for you.

9. Anais Anais de Cacharel

anais anais

We start with what is possibly the best known Cacharel perfume, since it was the first to hit the market more than 40 years ago, when all young girls wanted to have it. In fact, for a time it became the best-selling perfume in the world, reaching more than 250 million bottles sold. This fragrance was a revolution for perfumery as it is an exquisite representation of romanticism, femininity and the intensity of youth.

Despite all the good it has and having been so innovative at the time, we have left it in last place because it gives us the feeling that its aroma is no longer what it was. On the one hand, it has been reformulated on several occasions , ensuring that its original essence – which was delicious – no longer shines with the force with which it used to. And, on the other hand, it is a fragrance that has been with us for so long, that not only is it that it is no longer novel, but it has gone out of style . It is a great perfume and an indispensable piece in any collection, but its era of glory is over and the new Cacharel perfumes have been better adapted to modern times.

Its composition is incredible. It is floral, intense and powdery . The number of notes he has is exceptional and yet nothing seems to be out of place. We are going to make a summary of the 3 that stand out the most in each phase of the perfume, because it has about 30 notes in total and it would be impossible to talk about all of them.

  • Departure. Anaïs Anaïs opens with bergamot, white lily and black currant.
  • Body. After half an hour you begin to appreciate the carnation, the lily of the valley and the iris flower.
  • Background. Finally, in drying, white musk , patchouli and sandalwood appear.

8. Eden de Cacharel


On the other hand, it is not the kind of soft and velvety perfume, so harmless that it could pass for a children’s perfume. No, Eden stands out . It has a heavy trail, lasts for more than 10 hours, and its essence exudes a feminine and determined elegance.

It is an aroma with a very 90s spirit but, unlike the previous one, this one still remains the order of the day.

In the 90’s it was the perfume par excellence of the university students, and also of the girls in the institutes who wanted to appear older than they really were. Without a doubt, it is a perfume that marked a stage. That is why we are also going to put age: More than 25 years.

Her notes are a bit simpler than Anaïs Anaïs’s. It is a balanced composition , complex enough to have a certain development on the skin, and simple enough to be charming and easy to understand.

  • Departure. At the top, apart from the lemon and bergamot, there is a note that will make you hate or love this perfume: It is the peach. It is not a common note and the reality is that here it is very well achieved and provides a super natural fruity touch.
  • Body. Lily of the Valley, mimosa, lotus flower, melon, pineapple… What else can we say? The floral and fruity chords in this fragrance are incredible.
  • Background. Eden culminates in a base of patchouli, tonka bean and black acacia. They give a sensation of semi-sweet harmony that is perfectly complemented by the fruity notes.


7. Noa de Cacharel

cacharel woman perfumes

There are many musky perfumes. A lot of. But when a house like Cacharel makes its own interpretation of what a musk perfume should be, then the result is something wonderful . And it is not just the brand anymore, but the perfumer behind this jewel is none other than Olivier Cresp, the creator of some of the best most charming women’s perfumes in the world. For example, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana or Angel by Mugler.

Noa is not fooling anyone. Just by looking at the design of the bottle we can already get an idea of ​​its aroma. It is a very rounded, light, floral, powdery perfume and, above all, very airy . What do we mean by airy? Well, it is like a fresh perfume, but without citrus. That is to say, something almost ethereal, with a lot of tenderness and with the best clean scent of all Cacharel perfumes. Any woman who wants to represent these characteristics can wear it without any problem, regardless of her age.

  • Departure. Noa opens with an overwhelming but passionate musk , with sweet touches that gradually blend with the floral notes of peony. There are those who notice some small citrus flashes at the start, which are possibly due to the fact that it also has plum. We – perhaps because we have a different batch – do not perceive them.
  • Body. Noa’s heart is a matter of adding hints of green to balance the onslaught of musk. It has grass, lily, lily, ylang-ylang and a rose that adds a lot of depth. All these notes appear in a very progressive way, so that the perfume never stops evolving.
  • Background. The background, after all, is a Bean Tonka and Vanilla accord. It is one of the most common sweet accords in perfumery, which makes it a very easy perfume to wear . It is a great success on the part of Cacharel, since they have managed to make a very unique fragrance but at the same time very safe.

6. LouLou de Cacharel

lou lou

We follow the list of the best Cacharel perfumes with another of the brand’s powdery perfumes. In this case we are no longer dealing with an exclusively floral perfume, but LouLou is oriental with floral touches. In other words, it is a rather sweet, warm and very sensual perfume. In fact, when it was released, all young girls wanted to have it because it is a perfume that leaves innocence behind , very feminine and daring . To this day it maintains that same essence and there is no doubt that it is totally timeless.

It has a very long and heavy trail, which makes it a perfume with a lot of character. It is not light, it is not fresh, but thanks to its powdered musk it is not cloying either. On the other hand, it has one of the most complete sweet incense notes that we have been able to taste. It is magnetic, charming and very attractive , whoever wears it.

  • Departure. It opens with a very intense sweet incense note, vanilla, tuberose, iris, violet and anise. It is a very sweet start, with floral touches and a lot of warmth.
  • Body. Slowly its floral heart unfolds. A very intense aroma of tiare flower is perceived, in addition to lily, orange blossom and ylang-ylang.
  • Background. The base of this fragrance is something out of the ordinary. It has benzoin, which is a tropical resin with a very unique, charming and deep scent. The accord of benzoin with musk and sandalwood gives rise to a delicious aroma with a great volume.

5. Liberte de Cacharel

best cacharel perfumes

Before you continue reading we warn you that this perfume is discontinued and it is very difficult to find it even on pages like ebay. Even so, we feel compelled to include it in this list because it is one of the most spectacular and feminine Cacharel perfumes that we have been able to try. If you have the opportunity to find it, we highly recommend that you get it. No matter how old you are, you won’t regret it.

Liberte is one of those hidden gems that we told you about at the beginning, since it is one of the lesser known perfumes of the brand. Not only that, but it is the only Cacharel fragrance from the Chypre olfactory family. It is full of green and spicy touches, all supported by a mantle of citrus fruits of the highest quality. In addition, it incorporates some very unusual sweet notes —super light—, such as jam, sugar and honey.

  • Departure. Liberte opens with citrus and nothing else, so its output is quite fresh. It has notes of orange, bergamot, Amalfi lemon and mandarin.
  • Body. This is where the magic really happens. The first thing to appear after citrus is a very green and semi-sweet note of plumeria, which is a tropical flower — very beautiful — originating in Hawaii. In addition to the plumeria there are other white floras, but the most peculiar are the notes of honey, sugar and jam that we told you about before.
  • Background. Lastly, it has a slightly creamy and spicy base. It also has notes of patchouli and vetiver.

4. Catch Me de Cacharel

catch me

After seeing some slightly special Cacharel perfumes, we return to what they do best, floral scents. His name says it all, “catch me”. It is a perfume that represents a feminine woman with a lot of energy , wanting to eat the world. Curiously, although it is supposed to be discontinued, we have continued to see it in some perfumeries. Also, on Amazon it is still available in several stores, so we do not know exactly if it is still manufactured or not. Maybe only in some countries.

Catch Me plays with simplicity and, through it, tries to convey maximum sensuality, and thanks to this it is an enormously attractive perfume . What shines the most in this fragrance is its almond background, which makes it a kind of very cozy fragrance but at the same time enormously natural . It is aimed at spontaneous women, with a jovial, cheerful and carefree character.

  • Departure. Only two notes: Orange and petigrain, that is, one part citrus and the other a little green.
  • Body. Again, its development notes are 2, orange blossom and jasmine, which provide the most feminine part of the fragrance.
  • Background. The background is of course the part that stands out the most, and the one that makes this perfume so charming. It has almond milk, an amber note that does not become as deep as normally and other woody notes that give it a touch of nobility.

3. Amor Amor de Cacharel

best cacharel perfumes

We finally reached the podium. To the top 3 of what are the best Cacharel perfumes of all time. Throughout this list, you have been able to verify that Cacharel is not just any brand, but that it really cares that its customers can feel identified with each of its creations. That is why this perfume had to be in position number 3. Amor Amor evokes a feeling of strength and freedom, but at the same time very tender , almost romantic. It is that tenderness and magnetism that makes this one of the most praised perfumes by both men and women.

It is a fruity and floral fragrance , which, coming from Cacharel, leaves no doubt that it will be a highly feminine perfume. Its fruity part is really sweet and captivating, which is curious because it only has one note that can be considered as fruity, which is the apricot —of an extraordinary quality, by the way. Of course it has more fruits, but they already enter the field of fresh notes and citrus.

  • Departure. The way you open this perfume is otherworldly. It comes out with a semi-sweet and fresh note of black currant, which little by little joins the grapefruit – a bit bitter – and the rest of citrus fruits: Orange, mandarin and bergamot.
  • Body. In the heart of Amor Amor is where we can really see its essence. In it, apricot and rose are mixed with white flowers, which are jasmine, lily and lily of the valley.
  • Background. Finally, a sweet background, which conveys a lot of depth and a slightly animal part. It has amber, musk, tonka bean, and vanilla.

2. Yes I Am de Cacharel

cacharel woman

Surely you already know or have heard of this fragrance, as it is the brand’s most recent perfume . It was launched very recently, in 2018, but it has already had time to become one of the great aromas of Cacharel, since as its name suggests, it is a unique perfume with personality, one of those that are remembered. It is a warm, cozy perfume, with a terribly addictive intoxicating point . The bad part is that, for a perfume with such strength and intensity, its duration is not very good and it stays around 5 hours. In any case, it is an exquisite creation, which is at the level of much more expensive perfumes in terms of quality and, above all, in terms of its aroma.

Yes I Am belongs to the oriental family, which is not very common in Cacharel, but there is no doubt that they have hit the bull’s-eye with him. It is a gourmand perfume and, in addition, one of the good ones . Of those that make you want to eat them and whet anyone’s appetite. It has soft and sweet notes of a raspberry that is delicious to smell, as well as caramel, milk and cardamom. Despite being unmistakably modern in character, it is also very classy.

  • Departure. Raspberry and bergamot, needless to say much more, it is simply a magnetic combination.
  • Body. In the heart we find the hallmark of Cacharel, which are its magnificent white flowers – and its rose. It has jasmine, lily of the valley, gardenia and orange blossom.
  • Background. The bottom line is what we mean when we say that this perfume whets the appetite. It has milk, caramel, vanilla, tonka bean and some woody notes that give it an almost toasted touch. It is a delicious thing.

1. Anais Anais Premiere Delice. El mejor perfume de Cacharel

cacharel perfumes

Finally, the best of the Cacharel perfumes of all time is… Curiously, a ‘flanker’ of the now classic Anais Anais that we told you about at the beginning of the list. This version, Anais Anais Premiere Delice has everything you need to replace her older sister in modern times. It has everything it takes to be, once again, a perfume that takes the jovial and feminine one step further . Firstly, it is much simpler and easier to carry than the original, and secondly, it is totally unique. They may have the same name and come in a very similar bottle, but they are nothing alike.

Anais Anais Premiere Delice is, like the previous one, a fruity and floral perfume that borders on the realm of the gourmand. It’s intoxicating, magnetic, charming, delicious, and all the adjectives you can think of. Its main note is the pear, but not a normal and ordinary pear, but the most tasty and juicy pear you can imagine. On the other hand, it maintains the same floral essence that distinguishes all the fragrances of this house . And finally, it includes a cocoa note that is difficult to perceive if you do not pay attention to it, but that provides a body and a nobility that make you cannot detach from it.

  • Departure. With the first spray we already find the pear so incredible that this perfume has, and that makes it so special. It also has bergamot and orange, but it does not matter, next to that pear note they are almost imperceptible.
  • Body. Again, here is the hallmark of the brand, its flowers. In this case, hyacinth and peony.
  • Background. Here we find that cocoa that we have described to you, as well as a slightly dry cedar note. It is certainly subtle, but at the same time charming.

Final notes.

As you have seen throughout this list, Cacharel is a brand totally dedicated to the creation of perfumes with which its audience can identify. In each of them we find a unique composition, which shows the affection with which this firm designs its fragrances. Not only that, but they also know perfectly what the trends in perfumery are, and they make their own interpretation of them so that each of their launches has a modern character and perfectly usable on any occasion.

If you are a woman with class, and at the same time with a jovial and feminine personality, you will have noticed that there are very few perfumes on the market that represent these 3 characteristics at the same time. Don’t worry, Cacharel is here to help you. All the perfumes on this list meet that requirement, so now is the time to take your time to try and decide.


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