These colognes & perfumes smell clean, are fresh and set you in a good mood

They are the breath of fresh air you need, they calm, they are soft and they will bring you a thousand memories

We find it very difficult to choose just one perfume to wear every day. However, now that the good weather is here and the days are starting to get longer, there is nothing like choosing fresh and mild fragrances, which you can wear at all hours and are very easy to find at the nearby pharmacy. Discover the best colognes and perfumes that smell clean and you will not take off throughout the season because they will make you travel to summer from now on.

These days, we just want to wear mild fragrances, that smell like talcum powder, to sea breeze, to citrus already cool … s one of those that you can wear at all hours and they lift your spirits and you want to wear every day. If getting a perfume now seems like an impossible mission or you are already running out of that bottle that is your most coveted treasure, calm down because there are some within your reach that you will not take off.

And we have found in the pharmacy some of the best perfumes that lift our spirits and we want to wear it at all times and without exception (even share it with my daughter, in my case). Because they transmit good vibes, optimism and beautiful memories for their fresh notes, and also smell clean, others like talcum powder and others like baby skin.

Some of the colonies that we have chosen smell of fruit, citrus, fresh cut grass, freshly showered and are so soft that they are ideal even for sensitive skin.

And it is that the smell of fruits and its citric notes reminds us of clean clothes when we are on vacation and long summer days, they give us a shot of energy and make us travel to sunny and soft days on the Mediterranean coast or in the country dreaming of a vacation with our parents and our grandparents.

And they remind us of the beautiful moments we lived with them, those talks with your mother on the terrace, the freshly cut flowers that they gave us … And all those memories in the form of a small bottle that we can use every day to make us feel very good as if by magic and with a touch of spray. These are the best niche perfumes and colognes. They smell clean, fresh, smooth and will put you in a good mood. No wonder they are always sold out!

Eau des Vignes de Caudalie.
Eau des Vignes de Caudalie. Caudalie.

If you like the way your fingers smell when rubbing lemon or orange peel on them, or the summer petals of garden flowers, you will undoubtedly love it. Eau des Vignes from Caudalie (25.20 euros), a refreshing cologne that evokes well-being and a garden full of light, on a hot afternoon in July. It has notes of lemon, bergamot, orange blossom, lily, musk, pink berries, clary sage with a slight hint of incredible spice. It is perfect to wear at all hours.

Agua de colonia de Farma Dorsch.
Eau de toilette from Farma Dorsch. Farma Dorsch.

It smells very fresh, clean and is a perfect cologne not only for you, but also for your children. We talk about eau de cologne Pharma Dorsch (21 euros), the ideal fragrance that you can wear every day to smell clean and feel comfortable. It contains citric, fresh and fruity and soft notes that make it ideal to wear several times a day and at all hours, without getting tired. 


Agua relajante perfumada de Nuxe.
Nuxe scented relaxing water.Nuxe.

Scented with almond and orange blossom, the relaxing water scented with Nuxe (28.90 euros) envelops your body and mind in a delicious and dreamy fragrance. Its fresh notes of coconut sorbet, almond blossom, orange blossom, musk and vanilla make it irresistible and ideal for dreaming of summer at all hours, just before being carried away by a relaxing bubble that evokes the soothing sweetness of childhood.

Cool de Betres On.
Cool from Betres On.Betres On.

Another of the colonies that smells clean and is very fresh is Cool from Betres On (5.95 euros) because it smells of fresh flowers with a touch of water and citrus due to its notes of lemon, black currant, jasmine, ylang ylang, amber, musk and cedar.

Jardin Exclusif de Mancera.
Jardin Exclusif de Mancera. Mancera.

Refreshing, fruity … Jardin Exclusive from Mancera (135 euros) with fresh and fruity notes. It smells of a mixture of Sicilian orange, lemon, white peach, black currant, green apple, pear and sweet caramel. With the floral hint of Bulgarian rose, jasmine and violet bloom in the middle layer and blend with the amber that adds depth to the fragrance.

Baby Cologne de Suavinex.
Suavinex Baby Cologne.Suavinex.

Low in alcohol, the children’s colony of Suavinex (10.60 euros) is designed to be applied at all times and we love it for its baby, talcum and fresh smell. Its notes of citrus, white flowers and musks make it ideal for you if you like the smell of babies and for your whole family because of its clean smell.


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