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Best comparison eyeliners

The eyeliner is one of the leading makeup products in every woman’s day to day, designed to improve the look and give it a greater prominence, drawing a line of color on the eyelids that will allow you to show off an impeccable and perfectly defined look.

The eyeliner or eyeliner serves to define the contour of the eyes, allowing a leap in quality to make-up and achieve spectacular and sophisticated effects, depending on the product used and the mode of application.

But finding the best eyeliner It is not a simple task, since in the market there is a great variety of products of different qualities and with different characteristics that can complicate your choice.

Thus, at Icy Fragrance we are going to help you choose the best eyeliner for your look, with which you will show off a perfect eye makeup with which you will make a difference and stand out above the rest.



Which is the best eyeliner From the market?

Know what the best eyeliner is complicated, since there is a great variety of eyeliners that will adjust better or worse to the needs of each woman, therefore, you should focus on the best eyeliner From the market, And that is what we have done.

Below we show you which, in our opinion, are top five pencil eyeliners with the aim of helping you choose the best eyeliner on the market. Don’t miss them!


Crayon Khol by Clarins

Crayon Khol by Clarins   

We started the search for best eyeliner with “Crayon Khol by Clarins ”, an intense and long-lasting eye pencil to intensify the look, which you can use as a Khol pencil or as an eyeliner depending on the type of makeup. It’s up to you.

With more shades than its predecessor, Crayon Khol incorporates an eyeliner on one side and a brush on the other, with which you can blend makeup along the eyelid. For its texture and composition, is a eyeliner with excellent hold and durability, sporting a perfect look all day long.


Lancome Grandiose Liner

Lancome Grandiose Liner

We continue with “Lancome’s Grandiose Liner ”, one of the best eyeliner
without a doubt.

Grandiose Liner has a advanced applicator that allows an agile, intuitive, simple and effective application, with an angle that allows reaching the root of the eyelashes from the inside of the eye, in order to achieve the best results.

With a careful selection of pigments In its formula, it provides an intense matte-type color, achieving an elegant and sophisticated outline in the simplest way. If you are looking for the best liquid eyeliner, you found it.


Lancome Artliner

Lancome Artliner

We continue the ranking of best eyeliners with “Lancome Artliner ”, a quality eyeliner and very easy to use, with which you will achieve a professional, very intense and long-lasting finish, enjoying an easy and effective outline.

The key to Lancome’s Artliner is that it has a brush with a very flexible sponge tip, which allows you to reach the most complicated areas, allowing you to draw your eye in the most natural and impressive way.


Clinique Quickliner For Eyes

Clinique Quickliner For Eyes

And we finish our list of best eyeliner on the market with “Clinique Quickliner For Eyes ”, an automatic eyeliner that will gently blur color with the smudger located at the opposite end, just by swiping.

No sharpening required, and features a silky formula that’s always ready to outline and define with ease, guaranteeing the best results for a long time. It is suitable for sensitive eyes, as it has been subjected to multiple ophthalmological tests.

If you need to renew your eyeliner, these are the five best eyeliners for the Icy Fragrance team, which stand out for their quality, for their easy application and for their great durability. Get hold of him best eyeliner and boasts an impressive look at all times.


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