Summer perfumes that will make you travel to childhood and are so …

There are summer perfumes that they have all the ballots to get them right every time. Either for its fresh notes, or why they bring you endless memories of walks among fig or orange trees in your town, your walks by the sea or among poppies or daisies on your vacations, for that explosion of green in your summers in field. And because putting a fragrance like these is always a winning bet since nothing unites memories more to memory than smell. These are the summer perfumes that will make you travel back to childhood and they are so fresh that you will wear them at all hours.

These summer perfumes are so fresh that you will wear them at all hours


summer perfumes


When summer arrives, nothing like releasing a fresh perfume that makes us dream and even more so with those fragrances that make you feel that you return to your childhood, to run in the field, to play with your friends or your sisters wherever you are. put ahead. And there are aromas that bring you back to the old days. There are fresh perfumes that have such irresistible notes that you will want to try them all and they will also make you dream of lived and shared experiences and you will want to wear them at all times.

Citrus and summer smells: Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

When summer is about to arrive, one of the fragrances that best represents it and that makes us travel is undoubtedly Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (108 euros, 100 ml), a fresh perfume that has become a bestseller year after year, since after almost 20 years of its creation it continues to be in the top 5 of sales and of every 50 feminine fragrances that are sold, one of them is this one. Your secret? That it is citrusy, light, has a fixation, but above all that it reminds us of our favorite time of the year, summer!

Sea Scent Perfume: CK One Summer by Calvin Klein

CK One Summer by Calvin Klein

Vibrant, fresh, warm … capture the blue reflected in the pool and the sea on a summer day. This is CK One Summer by Calvin Klein (59.10 euros), which is renewed this summer with notes of ginger root, woods such as sandalwood, mandarin orange, sea salt, sage and Duna herbs, among others. It’s a contrasting delight of ingredients that resembles a summer afternoon when the lingering heat of the day meets a cooling sea breeze.

Those summer days … Paris-Biarritz Les Eaux de Chanel

Les Eaux de Chanel

There are fragrances like Paris-Biarritz Les Eaux de Chanel (112 euros) that take us to the best days of summer, to freshly cut grass … to the countryside and the sea with unexpected, fresh and citrus notes of grapefruit, mandarin, lily of the valley, vetiver and musk to celebrate in any circumstance. But this one, without a doubt, evokes the sensation of fresh drops of water on the skin and it is wonderful.

What does the beach smell like? Guerlain Coconut Fizz

Guerlain Coconut Fizz

Fresh perfumes like Coconut Fizz by Guerlain (80 euros, 75 ml) evoke those beach days when you were a child and you played in the sand and the sea on a white sand beach with your eyes on the turquoise sea. With notes of coconut and coconut water, with bergamot, tonka bean and sandalwood. Delicious and refreshing.

Eau de Jardins by Clarins

Eau de Jardins by Clarins

Its citrus notes make you travel to those gardens of the summer mornings of your childhood and instantly bring back memories of your childhood vacations. We are talking about Eau des Jardins de Clarins (51 euros) that combines essential oils and extracts of plants, fruits, flowers, leaves and woods from an enchanted garden one summer morning, with aromatic and phytotherapeutic virtues to provide harmony, freshness and delight to parts equal. Contains notes of bergamot, orange and grapefruit peels, green notes of wrinkled leaves, vetiver, wild rose, patchouli and cedar, black currant and rowan. A delight for your senses.


Solar perfume: Soleil des Vignes de Caudalie refreshing water

Soleil des Vignes de Caudalie refreshing water

Just a touch of the refreshing Soleil des Vignes de Caudalie water (25.20 euros) is enough to teleport you to a vacation by the sea because it reminds you of warm summer days thanks to its notes such as orange blossom, coconut, white jasmine or vanilla to invite you to dream. In pharmacies.


The Scent of Innocence: Sale Gosse by Frederic Malle

Sale Gosse by Frederic Malle

If there is a perfume that pays tribute to the innocence we have when we are children, that is Sale Gosse by Frederic Malle (180 euros), created by the perfumer Fanny Bal, with petitgrain, neroli, bergamot and rosemary, violet and strawberry that tastes like chewing gum and candy from before.


Happiness in a perfume: La Vie est Belle Intensément de Lancôme

Happiness in a perfume: La Vie est Belle Intensément de Lancôme To remember the happy moments we live, you will love La Vie est Belle Intensément by Lancôme (105 euros), a fragrance that transmits optimism and takes you back to your childhood with its cheerful notes of iris, vanilla, bergamot, pink pepper and raspberry.

To remember the happy moments we live, you will love La Vie est Belle Intensément by Lancôme (105 euros), a fragrance that transmits optimism and takes you back to your childhood with its cheerful notes of iris, vanilla, bergamot, pink pepper and raspberry.


Juicy and smooth aroma: Irresistible by Givenchy

Irresistible by Givenchy

There are ethereal, airy and extraordinarily playful fragrances such as irresistible by Givenchy (93 euros) that make you dream and are a delight for their soft and warm notes of fresh rose and white woods, pear and amber, lily and musk that will undoubtedly make you They invite you to wear it over and over again at all hours.


White Tea by Elizabeth Arden

White Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Your sunlit skin, a sip of tea, a good book … these are sensations that you evoke by putting on a few drops of Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea fragrance (CPV) that invites you to enjoy and lose yourself in your warm memories. With notes of mandarin, white iris, white tea, Turkish rose, mate, woods, hibiscus and musks.


The Smell of Adventure: Saharienne Le Vestiaire by YSL

Saharienne Le Vestiaire by YSL

Another fragrance that evokes summer sensations is Saharienne Le Vestiaire by YSL (244.80 euros) evokes the indomitable freedom of childhood and its aroma of neroli or orange blossom and white musk transports us to summer. The adventure of endless summers and the warm and bright sun on the skin. In addition, it contains wild herb notes of rosemary, thyme, and sage.


Fresh and magical fragrance: L’Ombre des Merveilles by Hermès

L'Ombre des Merveilles by Hermès

The fresh fragrance L’Ombre des Merveilles by Hermès (132 euros, 100 ml) represents a graceful instant, a veil of soft, fine and enveloping cashmere on which the incense dares to draw mysterious spirals. A magical texture that appears at dawn. A fragrance that invites us to play as when we were little, with notes of incense, tonka bean, black tea, citrus notes and woods.


Scented with talc and clean: Flower by Kenzo

Flower by Kenzo

This year, the Flower by Kenzo fragrance (83 euros) turns 20 and it certainly takes us back to childhood, when we were little, to our first perfumes. It smells clean, talcum powdery and is a classic we return to again and again. Its notes of Parma violet, Bulgarian rose, cassia, wild hawthorn, vanilla, white musk are unique and unrepeatable.


Fresh Tea Notes: Thé Yulong by Giorgio Armani

Thé Yulong by Giorgio Armani

If you are a fan of fresh fragrances with notes of green and black tea, you will love the new Thé Yulong by Giorgio Armani that invites you on a sensory and refreshing journey, woody and citrusy with a unique aromatic combination of black tea extracts and green tea and transports you to the Yulong Mountains.


What does the field smell like? Eau de Campagne by Sisley

Eau de Campagne by Sisley

Can you imagine the smell of freshly cut grass, the countryside and that feeling accompany you every day? Well, this is how Eau de Campagne de Sisley is like a blast of fresh air, a walk through the countryside among hay, cut grass, green tomato leaf … its notes invite you to relax and escape on a beautiful picnic for its notes of basil, wild herbs and lemon, citrus notes, green tomato leaf, plum, muguet and geranium that open to the softness of oak moss, musk, patchouli.


A walk in the mountains: Quercus de Penhaligon’s

Quercus de Penhaligon's

A perfume as luminous as a summer day, as fresh as breathing in the mountains while the sun caresses your skin … This is Quercus de Penhaligon’s (116 euros, 100 ml) with notes of cardamom, lily of the valley, moss of oak, amber, lemon, tangerine, bergamot, basil, sandalwood, musk and amber.


Lavender-Scented Summers: Chloé’s Lavender

Chloé's Lavender

Lavender has a scent that brings us all memories that summer is here and of our childhood playing to collect these wild violet flowers in unexpected bouquets and with an explosion of relaxing aromas. That’s why we love Chloé’s Lavender (96 euros) that captures the vision of our childhood with lavender in our hands with dewdrops and bathed in the sun.


With a woody touch: Les Eaux dun Instant Vibrant Sandalwood by Ángel Schlesser

Les Eaux dun Instant Vibrant Sandalwood by Ángel Schlesser

That fresh wood aroma from when you were on vacation in your summers in the north with fresh and light notes … the fragrance Les Eaux dun Instant Vibrant Sandalwood by Ángel Schlesser (48.51 euros) evokes those memories and brings them to the present for its special notes of bergamot, black tea and sandalwood among other citrus.


Traveling souls: Eau d´Hadrien de Goutal

Eau d´Hadrien de Goutal

The summer months are the scene of long sunny days and getaways to fresh and cheerful destinations. And with the Eau d’Hadrien de Goutal fragrance (125 euros) with notes of Sicilian lemon, grapefruit, green mandarin, ylang-ylang and cypress, you will discover how you can let your imagination run wild through its notes with the most beautiful landscapes following the summer sun and wind.


Light and warm fragrance: Roger & Gallet Feuille de Figuier fresh water

Roger & Gallet Feuille de Figuier fresh water

Very cool for summer and evocative of those afternoons between fig trees on summer days in the Mediterranean, you will love to refresh yourself and perfume yourself with Feuille de Figuier by Roger & Gallet fresh water (39 euros, 100 ml) with fig pulp extract and essence Distilled from grapefruit, carum carvi and mandarin orange from Italy, with incredibly relaxing warm and creamy notes of milk and wood, it envelops you like a second skin.



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