Perfumes that you can carry in your bag and do not break (innovative formats and textures!)

In pencil format or in a box with solid perfumes and sparys to take everywhere, you will like to try them because they last all day and you can apply them at all times

Very recently we told you about new ways to perfume yourself with your fragrance but now, we have just discovered perfumes that are perfect to wear at all hours that smell clean and with your favorite perfumes that you will want to take everywhere in your bag because they have permanence and you want to always put them on your skin because they do not overwhelm.

When we love to perfume ourselves, we love to always have the fragrances and aromas that we like the most on hand to wear at all times. However, sometimes, carrying it in your bag and having it break with the work of transportation drives us back. However, everything changes when we discover that new ways of applying our favorite perfumes emerge.


Aplica tu perfume en distintas zonas de tu cuerpo como las muñecas, detrás de las orejas, el escote...


Apply your perfume in different areas of your body such as the wrists, behind the ears, the neckline.

This is the case of the new solid perfumes that are coming. Like the scented pencils of Chanel or the fake lipstick that is a perfume of Givenchy or the compact of Kenzo that with the pad you can apply everywhere for its gel texture with the clean smelling notes of the fragrance Flower of the signature. Also the boxes of Diptyque or the mini fragrances of Byredo or Yves rocher.

The best thing is that we can perfume ourselves as many times as we want with them and they have permanence, they do not overwhelm, the other way around, they are addictive and you can put them on the wrists, behind the ears … and pulse points, on the neck, in the inside of the arms or elbows, and the inside of the knees, the neckline and are unique for their notes and packaging. In addition, you can allow yourself as many touch-ups as you want throughout the day to rekindle the trail of the fragrance.


Las fragancias take away permiten tantos retoques como quieras.


Take away fragrances allow as many touch-ups as you want.Mnica Surez de Tangil.



If you already liked Chance from Chanel (75 euros) for its freshness, do not forget to try the new scented pencils of the maison with retractable lead and that are applied directly to the skin, allowing scented touch-ups throughout the day. Chance offers that dose of optimism, Eau Frache, with an energizing effect, Chance Eau Tendre sweet effect and Chance Eau Live, invigorating.

Crayons de Parfum Chance de Chanel.


Chanel Parfum Chance Crayons.Chanel.



It is an ultra-compact product, totally nomadic, and that allows you to touch up the perfume at any time of day. We talk about the perfume that looks like a lipstick L’Interdit Concrete from Givenchy (33 euros). It can be applied to the points of greatest pulse such as the neck, your wrists and behind the knees.

LInterdit Concreto de Givenchy.


Givenchy Concrete LInterdit.Givenchy.



Inspired by the origins of their perfumes, we love the new solid perfume Do son from Diptyque (42 euros) elaborated with an artisan method based on the elaboration of pasta with aroma: kneading the raw materials, enriching them … and a process that culminated in the obtaining of this dreamy fragrance. Its scented balm creates a subtle second skin that releases its aromatic trail throughout the day. And this perfume is an alcohol-free wax, very comfortable to carry in your bag, inspired by ancient techniques of maceration and infusion, used to capture the scent of flowers.

Perfume sólido Do Son de Diptyque.


Solid perfume Do Son by Diptyque.Diptyque.



If you are a fan of layering perfumes like us but in a solid version, very easy to carry in your bag everywhere, they are designed to carry two perfumes at the same time to create that unique and irresistible pair of aromas. We talk about Fragrance Combining Palette from Jo malone (27 euros) designed to carry two solid-format perfumes at the same time as its bestsellers: Basil & Neroli, Pomegranate Noir, English Pear & Freesia, Blackberry & Bay, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Peony & Blush Suede, Mimosa & Cardamom, Wood Sage & Sea Salt Y Oud & Bergamot. The new solid perfume formula has a smooth and light texture that contains pure beeswax and guarantees a rich scent when applied to the skin.

Fragrance Combining Palette by Jo Malone.


Fragrance Combining Palette by Jo Malone.Jo Malone.



If innovation is the saint and be it from the fragrances of Issey miyake and his Eau d’Issey (35 euros, 20 ml.) That we love, now comes the take away fragrance of this iconic perfume. And the best part is that it reinvents itself once again in a nomadic, technological and playful adventure. An unprecedented innovation in perfumery, which required four years of production from the Shiseido. A unique format, a fragrance in two bottles, that one you leave at home and the cap you take with you in your bag, or on a trip or to the gym. For sale in Douglas.

IGO LEau de Issey by Issey Miyake.


IGO LEau de Issey by Issey Miyake.Issey Miyake.



There are also delicious fragrances that you never tire of wearing at all hours and are ideal to carry in a bag. This is the case of hair spray perfume Bal d’Afrique from Byredo (54 euros) inspired by the diaries of the father of Ben gorham, creative director and founder of the perfume firm. And it is that its notes of neroli, African marigold, musk and Moroccan cedar wood stand out without a doubt and fill you with freshness and warmth instantly.

Hair Perfume in spray format Bal dAfrique de Byredo.


Hair Perfume in spray format Bal dAfrique de Byredo.Byredo.



The pleasure of a body mist that perfumes body and hair with a refreshing aroma in an easy-to-carry spray with 96 percent ingredients of natural origin, 100 percent alcohol of natural origin, vegan and with recyclable bottle and Contains recycled plastic. So is Body and Hair Mist Almond and Orange Blossom perfume Yves rocher (6.95 euros).

Body and Hair Mist perfume with almond and orange blossom by Yves Rocher.


Body and Hair Mist perfume with almond and orange blossom by Yves Rocher.Yves Rocher.



In cushion format as a compact to take everywhere, to fans of Flower by Kenzo, the iconic fragrance of Kenzo (38.50 euros) that smells of talc and clean, we love this new take away fragrance with a translucent jelly texture and a velvety finish for an irresistible sensation of freshness every time you apply it. It comes with an integrated mirror and is ideal to touch up your perfume anywhere and at any time of the day. You will love its notes of powdery rose, violet, vanilla and white musk. For sale in Sephora and at

Flower by Kenzo Cushion Collector by Kenzo.


Flower by Kenzo Cushion Collector by Kenzo.Kenzo.


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