Makeup tricks to stylize the face

For this we will have to ally ourselves with two basic products: a good Illuminator and some dark powders to achieve the contour of the face.

Before getting started, it is essential that we never forget some basic and fundamental steps in our routine when putting on makeup.

First of all, have the skin well clean and toned. In addition, it must then be hydrated, that is, so that the makeup lasts longer, does not crack and the face appears healthier and more radiant.

When we talk about styling the face we refer to the techniques used in makeup to create light and shadow effects to define features or “redraw” our facial shape.

Therefore, and as I have said before, 2 will be our fetish products, the dark tone powder and the illuminator (both can be used in powder or cream depending on our skin type).

In the image you can see the famous Kim Kardashian with her makeup tricks to stylize the face that will make it look thinner and with marked cheekbones.

What is the purpose of these products?

  • The illuminator being light and / or bright in color has the function of highlighting, therefore, we will apply it in those areas that we want to highlight and enhance the face.
  • With dark colors, however, we will be able to optically reduce the features where we place them.

With this technique we are able to hide defects and enhance our virtues, as well as hide parts of our face that we do not like.

What can we optically rectify with this technique?

  • Cheekbones: Highlighting the cheekbones is something that most people benefit from. What we must do is locate our bone of it and apply the dark tone just below it (more or less from the ear to the middle of the eye).
  • Forehead: A forehead that is too wide or square is easy to disguise with a little contour applied to the part that we want to shade.
  • Jaw: how do we hide a prominent jaw? Bordering it with the dark tone of the contour.
  • Nose: The nose is one of the parts of the face that each person likes in a certain way, so if what we want is to make it look shorter we have to apply the dark outline on the tip of it, while if we want to refine it we have to put this same product on the sides.
  • Double chin: Darkening it and blending the product well will be the magic solution to hide a little double chin.

Some of the products that I always carry with me is this illuminating concealer (that is how I use it with double function) from Clarins :

Beige Clair

Beige Moyen

Pink Beige

But without a doubt, one of the most important keys for our face to be stylized and natural, at the same time, is to blend each product well, and in this way not be like a glob, or with stripes and cuts of color.


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