Flower by Kenzo (Le cushion collector), a limited edition innovative perfume format

Flower by Kenzo (Le cushion collector) is ideal to wear at any time and anywhere due to its cushion & gel format

Few fragrances conquer us as much as those that smell powdery and smell like baby powder. And this season, we have found the new perfume that combines both and that you will want to take everywhere and wear it at all hours because of its format cushion to apply it whenever you want because it has a gel texture and melts into your skin.

If you like powdery and clean smelling perfumes that last for hours but subtly on your skin all year long, you will like to try the new fragrance in a cushion from the iconic colony Flower by Kenzo, Le Cushion Collector. It is an iconic perfume for its powdery notes that always triumph and everyone likes it. If you were already a fan of the bottle, now you will be more because it comes in a version with an ideal packaging and in a cushion format with a sponge to apply whenever you want, and to take everywhere, waterproof. duty free and that it fits in any bag even if it is small.

In addition, the box has a small mirror to be able to put it under the lobe of the ears, on the neck, the never, the neckline, the wrists … and you will love the subtle effect it leaves on everyone who smells it in fragrances they will know what you are wearing) but you will leave others with an incredible unexpected face wanting to discover what fragrance you have worn.

Created by the perfumer through the nose Alberto Morillas (Firmenich), Flower by Kenzo Eau de Parfum In gel version it is still a unique perfume due to its notes of Bulgarian rose, violet, musk and vanilla among other untold and it adapts to each skin in a different way but what is certain is that this perfume is reminiscent of the unmistakable baby talcum powder but at the same time with that floral nuance and that smells clean in any case. And it is perfect to use it at all hours and every day.

The cushion box is very easy to use and also does not weigh anything. You just have to remove the sponge, press lightly on the cushion box where the gel fragrance is and apply it wherever you want. And the best thing about fragrances in cushion format is that the light texture of the gel keeps the fragrance on your skin for longer and you don’t have to carry the weight of a few glass bottles on top for fear of breaking them.

It costs 38.50 euros but the only real downside is that it is a limited edition because this edition with rock touches is also ideal.


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