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The world of perfumes is a sea of ​​possibilities that we should all investigate to obtain valuable information that helps us make the best choice about the fragrances that we should or should not use. That is why today we will show you what they are and how to differentiate between the various types of perfumes.

Why learn about the types of perfumes?

We all have a favorite perfume, and we would like the scent to linger all day, but this is not always the case, so we end up spending large amounts of money on a scent that will cease to be noticeable in, say, half an hour.

The duration of a perfume depends mostly on its composition, although physically almost all of them look the same, some have a aromatic essence concentration stronger than others and, as we know, the more aromatic essence it has in its composition, the perfume will last longer on our skin. (Click here to learn more about the expiration of a perfume).


Types of perfumes

Let’s take a quick look at the key terminology:


Do you know the meaning of these acronyms? Do you know how to differentiate them?

These are common terms in the world of perfumery, which refer to the type of concentration of each fragrance, and it is important to take into account that each essence is made from extracts of aromatic oils (natural and synthetic), which are diluted in alcohol and water.

The difference between one and the other is imposed by the oil or perfume essence, because the higher the percentage of this, the more intense and lasting will be the aroma on our skin.

Next, we will talk about the five categories of perfumes, starting with the one with the highest concentration of aromatic essence and ending with the one with the lowest concentration.

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Fragrance. With a concentration of between 20 – 40% of aromatic essence and a duration of 6 to 8 hours.

This version is the way that speaks of high percentages of concentration, which makes the duration of the aroma, on some occasions, exceed 8 hours. Due to its high concentration, it is necessary to be prudent when applying it and use only small amounts in the most recommended areas such as the neck, wrists, neck, etc.

The perfume is suitable for occasions more formal, where it favors its high aroma and concentration, especially in the winter months, where its aroma does not overwhelm the fragrance as much as in the summer.

It is a very unusual type of fragrance, if we find a Parfum, it is likely that its presentation is in a small bottle, since its aroma is very strong.

Some perfumes of the Parfum type are:

Chanelelie saabSauvage

Channel No. 5

Elie saab


N ° 5, the very essence of femininity. An iconic and timeless floral aldehyde bouquet. Made from the noblest raw materials, the extract is the most precious form of perfume. It is sublimated by a bottle with minimalist lines, sealed by hand using the “baudruchage” technique and crowned by a diamond-shaped stopper.

In its opening notes the African orange blossom, a soft sweet aroma, which gives way to one of the delicate flowers: jasmine, fully shines. This dazzling olfactory cycle closes with patchouli, rose and a soft flash of white honey, which gives it a great point of distinction.

A highly concentrated new interpretation of Sauvage, where extreme freshness is infused with warm oriental tones and whose wild beauty wants to come to life on the skin.

Eau de Parfum (EDP):

Perfume water. With a concentration of 10-20% of aromatic essence and a duration of between 4 and 5 hours.

This type of fragrance is considered the haute-couture (haute couture) of the perfumery are also the most suitable to use throughout all year. They are a good alternative to pure perfumes, speaking of economic issues, it is also a good option to use on the cooler summer nights.

It is the fragrance version with better versatility And the best thing is that you only have to apply them once or twice a day, as they have a long-lasting effect thanks to their high concentration.

Some EDP type perfumes are:

Invictus legend
La vie est belle
Boss bottled

Invictus triumphs with an accurate backhand. And it takes the glory. Invictus Legend. A duel in the sun, two forces present. Fresh adrenaline wrapped in a warm woody tornado. A fiery and powerful eau de parfum. A fragrance for men as exciting as victory.

La Vie est Belle presents a new olfactory language with delicious ingredients from the Floral-Fruity Gourmand family. Tremulous and with a unique identity, the perfume mixes the elegance of Iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of a gourmand combination, to achieve a deep and complex feminine aroma, as a reflection of the same feminine essence.

Boss Bottled Infinite by Hugo Boss is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. This fragrance is new. Boss Bottled Infinite was launched in 2019. Top notes are apple, tangerine, cinnamon and sage; middle notes are lavender, patchouli and rosemary; base notes are sandalwood and olive.


Eau de Toilette (EDT):

Toilet water. With a concentration of 8 – 10% of aromatic essence and a duration of between 2 and 3 hours.

The vast majority of fragrances that we know belong to this category, it is the most extensive and is characterized by its great variety of aromas and olfactory notes.

Due to the concentration of these perfumes, these fragrances are recommended for daily use and preferably on summer days,

Some EDT type perfumes are:


Dolce and GabbanaOne millionVersace

Light blue

1 Million

Bright crystal

This fragrance for women has top notes such as Sicilian cedar, green apple, in addition to the floral candor of the bell, as well as heart notes that are based on the freshness of bamboo, jasmine and white roses that combine perfectly with the base notes where you will find citron wood, amber and musk

Because aromas are capable of transporting us to our most special memories. This fragrance boasts a powerful blend and intoxicating selection. Let yourself be enveloped by its notes of mandarin, mint, cinnamon, leather and more and discover the power of its extraordinary aroma

Discover in this fragrance for women, its aquatic notes, in addition to yuzu and pomegranate in its exit, as well as lotus flower, magnolia and even peony in the heart, culminating with musk, mahogany and amber, you will be fascinated by its incredible mixture, it will become in your favorite


Eau de Cologne (EDC):

Eau de cologne. With a concentration of 3 – 5% of aromatic essence and a duration of approximately 2 hours.

This is one light and soft version, usually the colonies are also more suitable for the summer since they allow us to use the desired amount without fear of an aroma surcharge on the skin. A disadvantage of the colony is the short scent duration, which would lead us to apply more than once a day to remain perfumed.

Cologne is the oldest perfume term, and the one that more alcohol contains because the lower its fragrance concentration, the more alcohol it should carry. It is almost always found in large bottle or container presentations, as more applications are needed during the day.

Some EDC type perfumes are:

Gray flannelExclamationPassion

Gray Flannel



Gray Flannel by Geoffrey Beene for men with oriental and woody notes, is a creation that was a revolution in the 70s, since it introduced floral notes, previously exempt in men’s creations, and was a model to be followed by various later perfumers.

Exclamation Perfume by Coty, Exclamation, launched in 1988, is a warm and spicy scent that will make you stand out. Bright and exciting, it works as an invigorating daytime scent or a captivating fragrance for nights on the town.

This classic fragrance is a stellar choice for the man with an adventurous spirit and a zest for life. Opening citrus notes of orange, bergamot, lemon and neroli, a refreshing punch that will make you notice. Herbal notes of galbanum provide an earthy balance, resulting in an attractive and long-lasting bouquet.


Eau de Fraiche or Splash (EDS) Splash:

Fresh water or splash. With a concentration of 1 – 3% of aromatic essence and a duration of approximately 1 hour.

This version is the one that contains the lower essence concentrationThey are usually mixed with water, so the amount of alcohol they contain is very little.

It is more common in fragrances for Lady, with fruity and fresh scents, ideal for hot seasons.


Pure seductionParis hilton360 pink

Pure seduction

Paris hilton

360 ° Pink

Pure seduction fragrance mist by Victoria’s Secret. It is a floral body fragrance, with red plum and sweet freesia and its formula has an infusion of chamomile and aloe vera.

Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are melon, peach (peach) and apple; middle notes are mimosa, tuberose, lily, freesia, jasmine and lily of the valley (lily of the valley); base notes are sandalwood, musk, oak moss and ylang-ylang.

Fragrance of the Floral Musk olfactory familyWoody for Women. Top notes are lily, rose, osmanthus (fragrant olive tree) and mandarin flower; middle notes are lavender, lotus flower, sage and lily of the valley (lily of the valley); the base notes are sandalwood, musk, vetiver, amber and vanilla.

Some perfumes offer us different versions of the same scent, which gives us the opportunity to choose the one that best suits the season, our skin and even our portfolio.

And you, what do you prefer? Soft and light fragrances or aromas of greater durability and intensity?

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