Pheromones: The Scent of Attraction

We are always looking to attract. In one way or another, our attitudes, choice of outfit, the places we decide to go, what we eat, the perfume we wear … in short, everything we say and do is designed to attract.

Think about it … if you stop for a second, you will realize that it is so. But why attract others? friends? To a couple? A job? A new relationship? … Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is that we belong to a society, and that the human being is not designed to live alone, but is a social being.

Therefore, we strive to be loved, to be eye-catching at all levels. But, you will be surprised to understand that this desire comes from a natural impulse of life, an impulse to survive, to bond with others to give and receive love and, above all, for the conservation of the species through procreation. Yes, all for life.

Pheromones and smell

Did you know that achieving all this attraction, especially of the opposite sex, is achieved through smell? Yes, it seems strange, but all that investment that you make in yourself, to attract, is resolved in seconds through that very basic sense, because smell is the one that refers us to memory and the first to make associations linked to emotions … it is the sense that we use to survive, and even decide. And believe it or not, it can even detect pheromones.

what are pheromones?


pheromones molecules

They are chemical substances, apparently without odor, that our body produces and exhales, to create a reaction in the other, especially in someone of the opposite sex of the same species. In fact, the word pheromone comes from the Greek pherein (to transport) and hormon (to excite), which mean that they are “transporters of excitement.”

This substance, which has such a subtle aroma, can only be identified by our sense of smell, specifically by the vomeronasal organ, which is what translates smells into emotions, desires and reactions.

And, well, the interesting thing is that this natural composition can now be added to your perfume, so that the pheromone levels increase, and you radiate them with much more power; With what, when your smell and your brain identify this aroma, so subtle, the effect it will have on you will be a feeling of well-being, of feeling good about yourself, of generating positive emotions, and with this your charisma and sense will be activated. of seduction, which is what awakens a desire in the other, and above all, a special attraction. This is the secret of someone who has great sex appeal, or who attracts people with much more force.

pheromones in the air 02

Yes, there are female pheromones and male pheromones, and of course, do not worry, your favorite perfume will not smell different, so that you begin to feel much better, and leave a trail of seduction.

So remember, the attraction is summed up in the pheromones. When you wonder what to do to attract friends or even a partner, not only pay attention to the clothes you wear, the makeup or the places you go … but ask yourself … what do I smell like? I have put pheromones to my perfume?


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