Perfumes with Pheromones for Women

What are pheromones?


The term pheromone is derived from the union of two words that come from Greek: pheran (to transfer) and lasts (excite). In general terms pheromones are chemical substances that send odor signals so that in the human’s subconscious the opposite sex in a totally natural way the feelings of sexual attraction, improving the sex life.

What is a human pheromone?


Que es la feromona humana

The organ in charge of detecting these signals is called Nasal vomiting organ (OVN) which is located inside the nose. The nasal vomiting organ sends the signals to the brain, but not just any signal, but a very intense one from the pheromone it has detected. Our brain interprets it and therefore performs the function of conditioning a imminent sexual response.

Pheromones to attract Men


Does the Copulins? Are female pheromones that have been experimentally tested to somehow increase the sexual attraction of men to women that smell like them. It has also been proven that when a man smells Copulins his testosterone level increases in some cases more than 140%.

Women who produce higher than average amounts of female pheromones (copullins) they have better success with men.

Men cannot resist these hormones, so it makes these women more irresistible since they are more exciting, seductive, desirable and they have that quality that therefore, fall in love with them. Often these women are not more attractive, sexy, or charismatic than other women. They only have one advantage because they produce more copulin than average women.

Grammer and Jtte did a study, where they exposed 66 men (without their knowledge) to copulins.

They then showed them photos of women and asked them to measure their level of attraction. The highest scores given by men were those previously impregnated with these pheromones in the photos of “X” women and therefore it is shown that exposure to them, both natural and synthetic in the form of perfume, is totally perceived by the man’s smell , which causes a stronger sex drive.

How to produce female pheromones


como producir feromonas femeninas de forma natural

I’m going to give you some “tricks” to increase the production of female pheromones naturally:

  1. → Have a lot of sex! To transform the hormones in pheromones naturally increase your sexual activity so that they emerge
  2. → Control your weight! You dedicate 1 hour a day to your physique practicing sports. The pheromone production is proportional to the balanced weight, and therefore being overweight would take you away from the goal and you would produce less pheromones so “put the batteries on” and run 🙂
  3. → Add a splash of olive oil whenever you can with meals to increase the production of the substance
  4. → The consumption of strawberries and chocolate activate pheromones. By nature they are exotic foods so they are perfect for a night of passion and thus increase the production of them
  5. → A great pheromone enhancer is celery. My advice is that you make a good infusion of celery and that you consume it for several days in a row, you will see how you notice that the people around you perceive it.

What are pheromones in perfumes for?


As we have already seen, all animals, including humans, naturally secrete so-called pheromones that naturally enhance the sexual response of the other person and that thanks to them, we are able to produce the desired effect.

There have always been quite a few assumptions about whether it was possible that thanks to an external “help” like the perfumes with pheromones for women that activate or increase the production of these and thus be able to increase the sexual impulse of man.

We are in luck because science has shown that YES! So I can tell you that perfumes with pheromones work

Everyone knows that there are a number of known perfumes that enhance human pheromones, thanks to their composition. But do not worry because I am going to detail a list of them so that you surprise that person and can not help but feel attraction to you.

▷▷ So what perfumes do contain pheromones?


Here is your list of the 7 most powerful pheromone perfumes with the most attractive power! Of course, at Le Parfum Secret MD we have them all so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your equivalence perfume 😉

1 -> Love Love by Cacharel

imitacion le parfum secret amor amor

Words are unnecessary…


2 -> Poison Y Hypnotic Poisonby Dior

imitacion le parfum secret poison de dior

Fragrance for women daring, fascinating, sensual and passionate, that seduce, intoxicate and fall in love


3-> Organza by Givenchy

equivalencia le parfum secret organza

Floral perfume with honeysuckle, gardenia and iris, with notes of amber and vanilla


4-> Gucci Rush, by Guccide

equivalencia le parfum secret Gucci Rush

Unmistakable and peculiar powdery aroma

See Gucci Rush

5-> Paris Hilton, Can Can

imitacion le parfum secret Paris Hilton Can Can

See Can Can, Paris Hilton


perfume de imitacion opium YVES SAINT LAURENT

See Black Opium

7-> Coco Mademoiselleby Chanel

equivalencia le parfum secret Coco Chanel y Coco Mademoiselle


See Coco Mademoiselle

You no longer have an excuse to buy and dazzle with your favorite imitation perfume!


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