Halloween Man X Cologne (Opinions + Review 2020)

The question is simple, can a perfume that smells of coffee and cinnamon make you the center of all the looks? (or some, at least)

3 weeks ago I started buying Halloween Man X with my eyes closed and without having tried it, and the only explanation I can give is that I had read good opinions on the internet that said it was a super attractive perfume and with a delicious coffee smell.

Between men we understand each other. Surely you have also bought a cologne blindly just because they had sold it to you very well, and for that alone I already like you 🙃

Luckily, I am very happy that I discovered this perfume and I have no regrets at all that I bought it (even though ‘Halloween Man X’ looks like a name out of a teen vampire movie).

In this review I am going to tell you about my experience with him so that you know what results to expect.

Halloween Man X opiniones

In this article you will get to know:

  • What does Halloween Man X smell like, how hard is it, what is its wake like, etc.
  • Who is this perfume made for?
  • In which situations it works best.
  • Feminine opinions and compliments I have received in these 3 weeks.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of buying it in 2020.

Quick Review

Halloween Man X is a coffee perfume rich and different that stands out from the rest. It’s full of sexy and mysterious shades that make it work especially well at night. It has an odor oriented to adult men and its duration of 6-8 hours it falls short at times.

What odor Has Halloween Man X Eau de Toilette?

The first thing you smell when you squeeze the Halloween Man X sprayer is a lemon and cinnamon explosion.

It’s a crunchy smell and very easy to enjoy, since the most citrus part of the lemon mixes with the sweet flavor of the cinnamon, making the smell more reminiscent of a dessert than a cologne.

halloween perfume 01

This first part of the perfume lasts about 15 minutes and is specifically made to bring freshness to the aroma and thus prevent it from becoming heavy later.

Of course, still do not look for coffee anywhere because you will not find it. In fact, it is the note that takes the longest to appear.

After 15 minutes, the first notes of the famous Halloween Man X chord ‘Black Jack’ begin to come out. On the one hand you smell a deep and rough leather that gives character and masculinity to the perfume, and on the other, you can perceive a note of whiskey dry and licked. The latter is softer, but serves to add a touch of maturity to the perfume.

And then when about half an hour has passed is when the coffee appears.

halloween perfume 02

Thanks to the coffee, the fragrance becomes much creamier and darker, but now with a small bitter point that breaks with the sweetness. This is my favorite part of the perfume, every time I put it on and start to notice the aroma of coffee I feel compelled to press my nose over and over to smell it.

Halloween Man X is an easy to remember perfume

Halloween Man X smells like a modern coffee shop first thing in the morning. A mix between freshly baked cookies, roasted coffee and leather, but with a masculine side that makes it personal enough that you can use it on your own skin.

So far I have not yet come across anyone who has a similar colony. It is very easy for people to identify you with its smell because it has an aroma that really highlights over the rest.

halloween man x colonia

In my opinion it is one of the greatest strengths of Halloween Man X, since it differentiates you from the typical men’s perfumes that everyone smells on the street every day.

But without a doubt, the moment you really realize how much this cologne stands out is when someone tells you that the smell of the coffee they drink in the morning is beginning to remind them of you.

Halloween Man X is a perfume for adult men.

Halloween Man X is a cologne that can be difficult to use depending on your age, since the notes of whiskey and leather stand out a lot and have a very marked character.

It must be said that despite having a sweet part, its type of smell is too masculine for a young boy to wear, so you will only be able to take advantage of it if you are an adult man.

In my opinion, Halloween Man X can be started easily from 25 years, since it is the moment when your level of maturity is in tune with the masculine smell of the cologne.

In that sense it is a not very flexible perfume.

halloween perfume 03

Halloween Man X, colony by night or by day?

In general, Halloween Man X has a rather mysterious and suggestive smell thanks to the notes of amber and cardamom, which leads to think that it is a perfume made for the night.

In fact, the name of the perfume and the dark design of the bottle also seem to imply that it is a cologne to go out and have fun. But in my opinion, the lemon blast that Halloween Man X has in the output makes it usable both night and day.

The only thing you have to take into account are the quantities.

If you use it to go out at night with your friends and you apply 4 or 5 sprays, you will attract the attention of whoever you want. If you use it during the day and reduce the amount to 2 or 3 sprays, you make sure that you are going to please everyone with your smell.

Even so, no I would recommend using Halloween Man X every day to go to work, for example, because as it is a cologne that stands out it can become a bit repetitive over time.

halloween perfume 04

Halloween Man X Eau de Toilette lasts about 6 hours

Keep in mind that Halloween Man X has a low price, so you can not ask for a spectacular duration. Even so, it does not last long for a designer perfume.

The colony begins to lose strength around 5-6 hours, so it is usually enough to make casual plans. For example, to go out for a drink with your friends, to go out to dinner, to have a date with a girl, etc.

However, Halloween Man X is not a recommended cologne if you are someone who spends most of your time away from home.

halloween perfume 05

I have been given 4 compliments in 3 weeks

It’s clear that compliments aren’t everything in a perfume, but who doesn’t like to be told how good it smells from time to time?

In the 3 weeks I have used Halloween Man X I have received 4 compliments:

  • 1 having breakfast at my favorite coffee shop.
  • 1 waiting in line at the supermarket.
  • 2 at a birthday party with my friends.

You have chosen a good perfume when the girls in the group talk to each other about your smell every time they walk behind you. 🤞

In my opinion, Halloween Man X generates these types of reactions simply by having a different smell, since many other perfumes smell just as good but are too popular and are no longer any novelty.

When you put it on you draw attention, that simple.

Advantages and disadvantages of Halloween Man X

  • It has a very striking coffee smell that differentiates you from the rest.
  • It can be used at night and during the day, you smell good at all times.
  • Leaves a very rich and masculine trail: they tell you how good you smell when you put it on and it’s fun to wear.
  • It uses good ingredients, which allows you to have a quality perfume without spending a lot of money.
  • It is difficult to use if you are not an adult.
  • The duration is a bit short, especially if you spend a lot of time away from home.
  • The name ‘Halloween Man X’ seems like a joke.

Conclusions about this colony

If you are looking for a perfume for men that in addition to having a delicious and quality smell at a low price, is sexy and makes you smell different from everyone else, Halloween Man X it is a very good option.

However, you must bear in mind that it is a difficult perfume to use at certain ages, and that its duration may fall short if you spend a lot of time outside.

In my opinion, it is the best perfume of the brand and I think it is worth having it.

Best Deals of the perfume Halloween Man X 125 ml

Below you have all the Halloween Man X offers updated as of 11/01/2020. Thanks 🙂


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