Lip scrubs: which one is the best of 2020?

Having hydrated and juicy lips has become an essential purpose when it comes to body beauty. Although many times we do not pay attention to them, there are, more and more, different products that dominate the market for lip care: lip scrubs, cocoa, vaseline and repair balms, among others.

Changes in temperature, excessive use of lipsticks or the type of drinks we consume can make us need a good lip scrub. If it is the first time that you use this product, or if, on the contrary, you are an expert, we will give you all the keys to make your lips look radiant and healthy at any time of the day.

The most important

  • The women of ancient Mesopotamia already created their own lipsticks and scrubs using crushed plants and minerals that they applied with great care to the delicate skin that covered their mouths.
  • Our lips are like little sponges. If they lack moisture, and are also dry, a layer of dead cells becomes visible. It is important to exfoliate them between one and two times a week and then use a good balm.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day, or what is the same, about 8 or 10 glasses of water. It is essential to have healthy lips. It is cold or hot, try to carry a bottle of water with you and if it is summer, increase the dose of liquid you drink.

The best lip scrubs on the market: our favorites

If while reading this article you are licking your lips and you are noticing some small “skin”, yes, they are dead cells and they should be eliminated. That is why we are going to show you which are five of the best lip scrubs on the market. Grab a pen and paper and aim!

The most practical lip scrub

This lip scrub option is one of the most comfortable, as it does not require rinsing. In addition, it has among its ingredients sugar particles that, when moistened, soften the skin of the lips, eliminate residues and accumulated dirt, in addition to reducing dead skin and small “skins”.

It also contains essence of shea butter, which also causes a feeling of well-being and that the lips are fuller and also more elastic. Its pink color leaves us with a very beautiful color on the lips, as well as a unique shine and elasticity.

The best lip scrub easiest to apply

In this case, Sephora is betting on a product with honey. Thanks to the natural enzymes it contains, honey is capable of giving the skin extreme hydration as well as being a wonderful antioxidant that helps to regenerate the skin.

Sephora presents this product in the form of a stick , which makes it very easy to apply and can be taken anywhere. Its honey perfume is completely addictive and makes us want to apply it constantly, although we must remember that it should only be applied once or twice a week.

The most hydrating lip scrub

No products found.

Brown sugar is the main ingredient in this Xiton lip scrub. It contains very natural ingredients that help prevent moisture loss and make lips look juicy, shiny and healthy.

An exfoliant without added aroma, ideal for all those who are not looking for a specific fragrance, but a product that is very natural. It also contains coconut oil and vitamin E, which help repair dry and chapped lips.

The most natural lip scrub

If what you are looking for is an option that is 100% natural and made in Europe, the Bimble option is your option. An organic option that respects the environment, both in its ingredients and in its way of production.

Apart from the fact that their scrubs are manufactured in the United Kingdom, they do not contain parabens (they are a group of chemical agents widely used as preservatives in foods, drugs, and cosmetics) or mineral oil. Also, it uses sugar cane and organic jojoba oil.

The best lip scrub with Hydra-Lock technology

The particularity of this scrub is that it uses an innovative technology in terms of lip protection. This is Hydra-Lock technology. What this formula achieves is a longer duration of hydration throughout the day. They use a special non-drying polymer called polybutane.

In this case, the lip scrub comes in the form of a stick so that it is comfortable to use and they recommend using it whenever we notice dryness or lack of hydration on the lips. It also uses natural ingredients, both sugar and shea butter. The Wunder2 brand is a socially conscious brand as it does not test on animals.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Lip Scrubs

If you have doubts about lip scrubs, calm down, you are not the only one. Many women have ever heard about them, but they do not know their ingredients very well, the times to apply it, whether to remove them with water or not. We are going to get you out of your doubts so that you can choose the scrub that best suits your pace of life and your skin type.

Una mujer poniendo hidratante en los labios

Lip exfoliation is a habit that we should not forget in our facial routine. (Source: Puhhha: 68740494 /

What are lip scrubs?

Lip scrubs are cosmetic products that serve to clean and release impurities and dead cells from our lips. They provide different benefits, such as softness, cleaning and rejuvenation of the skin of the mouth, as we increase their use. In addition, they regenerate the skin giving way to its renewal. The skin needs continuous cleaning and scrubs are a key part of this cleaning.
Charles Reade English Novelist


“Beauty is power, and the smile is its sword.”

How often should I use a lip scrub?

Ideally, use a lip scrub once or twice a week. In this case, we are talking about including them in our facial routine, but not daily, but weekly. Many of these scrubs have very rich scents and come in stick form for easy application. Of course, it is important that we are constant and that we use it at least once every 7 days to be able to appreciate extra juicy lips.
 Stick scrubJar scrub
TransportEasy to transportIdeal for home
UseIndividual preferablyCan be used by the whole family
TextureSolid textureCreamy texture

What are the benefits of lip scrubs?


  • Eliminates dead cells : It is one of its main functions, to keep it soft and cared for, with a healthy appearance. In addition, it promotes the renewal of cells. It makes the unsightly “skins” disappear.
  • Activates blood circulation : The massages we do at the time of applying the scrub activate blood circulation. All this favors the elimination of impurities.
  • Feeling of well-being : The aromas and ingredients used in these scrubs make us feel an instant sensation of pleasure as soon as we apply it.
  • Returns the lips their natural color : Exfoliation removes the impurities that so many lipsticks have been able to leave on them, providing softness and a return to our natural color.
  • Tones the dry skin of the lips : The massage with which we apply the exfoliant and the mineral ingredients of its composition make a natural moisturizing appear.

Una mujer muy belle sonriendo

It is best that you opt for natural ingredients as much as possible. (Source: Puhhha: 69164415 /

How are lip scrubs used?

The lip scrub can be used at any time of the day, yes, it is recommended not to sleep with it. To use it we must follow several steps:


  • With warm water we must clean the area in which we are going to apply the product.
  • We apply the scrub in a generous way, trying to cover the entire area where we want it to take effect.
  • We rub them against each other and remove the residue with a tissue (some scrubs recommend removing the residue with warm water). Some people use a toothbrush to improve blood circulation.
  • Use lip balm or cocoa to increase the hydration achieved.
  • We must apply the scrub between one or two times a week. It does not matter what time of day we apply it. Some exfoliants recommend doing it within our nighttime facial routine, so that it takes effect at night, when the skin does not suffer the attacks of the weather.


What are its main ingredients?

It can be said that they vary from brand to brand, but most have a sugar and balsam base. Then, some may include a product that provides extra hydration, such as honey or oils (sesame, coconut, almonds or jojoba, for example). Also some less common ingredients, like clay, orange peel or peppermint. Of course, natural ingredients abound more than artificial ones.

Varios exfoliantes

Many scrubs have rich aromas and come in stick form. (Source: Pogrebkov: 55009586 /

Purchase Criteria

When purchasing a lip scrub it is important that you take into account several factors of great relevance. These will help you choose the scrub that best suits your skin type and your pace of life. Here we explain the most important that you should take into account before buying this product.

Type of skin

More and more aesthetic treatments are more personalized, so it is key to know our lips, to see if we need a higher or lower frequency of exfoliation. The lips are composed of an extremely thin layer of skin, so much so that the capillaries and blood vessels give them that pink color.

There are stronger skins, which are almost affected by changes in temperature or pollution, and more sensitive skins that get “little skins” or herpes easily. For the most sensitive skin, exfoliants with natural ingredients are recommended and applied once a week or fifteen days. In the case of people with tougher skin on the lips, they can be exfoliated up to twice a week.

Particle size

The facial scrubs that we can find on the market have particles of different sizes. There are scrubs with tiny, almost imperceptible particles, ideal for people who do not like to find any particles in their mouth and like a less rough texture.

On the other hand, exfoliants with larger and harder particles for all those people who do not mind encountering this type of particles in the mouth and who like a rough texture. Strawberry, mint, coconut or chocolate flavor is added to many of the lip scrubs so that it is not a problem if a little product falls into the mouth (moreover, many people want to eat them because of the appetizing taste that have).

When in doubt, start with a scrub with small particles and then move on to another with larger particles.


It is important that we carefully read the composition of the cosmetic products we buy, not only in case we suffer from any allergies, but also to know the ingredients and know if it is what we are looking for.

It is best that you opt for natural ingredients as much as possible. Especially if the chemicals “sound like Chinese to you.” It’s a way for you to use known substances that have worked for you before. Many of these natural ingredients are sugar, jojoba oil, shea butter, or honey.

Naomi Gayoso Professional Makeup Artist


“Most people apply moisturizers several times a day, and while it helps, it’s not enough: the first step is exfoliation.”

Desired effect

How to get healthy, juicy and rosy lips? The key is consistency. Within the world of cosmetics, regardless of whether the cosmetic is expensive or cheap, or whether it has a more or less high quality, if we do not use it regularly, it will be very difficult for us to achieve those results that we are dreaming of.

It should also be pointed out that each person is different and that we should not compare ourselves. What works perfectly for one person may not work as well for another, or the performance times may be different. What we have to be clear about is what final result we would like to obtain.

Desired effectMain composition
Increased hydrationOils (jojoba, almonds, coconut, among others), natural ingredients such as honey or milk.
Pink colorMedium hardness particles that promote better circulation.
Dead skin removalVitamin E or Vitamin C.
Sense of well-beingAromas such as chocolate, mint or strawberry help stimulate smells and sensations that make us feel better.


The higher the quality, the lower the risk of damage and the greater the effectiveness of the product to achieve the desired end result. We must bet on a higher quality if it is a product that we are going to use regularly or we have an epidermal problem.

A quality cosmetic should improve the appearance of our skin and we should progressively notice the desired results. In the case of lip scrubs, a more hydrated and healthy appearance, no dead cells, and with a natural pink color.


Lip exfoliation is a habit that we should not forget in our facial routine. It helps us to have healthier, more hydrated, better-looking and very natural lips. If we manage to be consistent, we will notice good results that will help us make our lips shine on their own.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. It is important that before buying any scrub pairs and reflections which is the one that best suits your needs.

Do you already know which is the perfect scrub for you? Tell us! We would like to read your comments and recommendations. If you liked our guide, we encourage you to share us on social networks.

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