Alien by Thierry Mugler, an Iconic Oriental Perfume for Women

The Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler It is a great oriental creation with a floral soul that will not leave you indifferent.

Due to its aesthetics, durability on the skin and the style of its aromatic structure, it has one of the most innovative compositions of recent times.

In this article you will discover if it is the ideal perfume for you: what scent it has, what scent notes are present in its composition and what the people who use it think about its main characteristics.

What does Thierry Mugler’s Alien smell like?

Original, unique and trendsetters: these are the perfumes of Thierry Mugler, a French stylist who seeks his inspiration from mythical creatures and fantastic worlds.

its Alien perfume does not run away from the rule. Is strong. Great. Eloquent. Different. In its bottle all the elements of a good oriental floral fragrance are collected. But without neglecting the avant-garde touch of Mugler.

When you smell it for the first time, you will see that it dispenses with the freshness of citrus so common in perfumes built in a pyramidal format. Alien goes straight to warm and exciting sensations with a hint of grape juice, and top notes of seductive, creamy, milky sambac jasmine.

This raw material uses all the layers of the composition and almost transforms it into a soliflower jasmine perfume.

In the heart, the notes of this great flower join the neroli and are filtered by cashmeran, a synthetic ingredient whose smell is related to musk and woods providing a scent full of texture, while white amber illuminates the background of the composition and echoes of vanilla reinforce its warmth.

A mixture of few scents but omnipresent, not suitable for lovers of light and refreshing aromas but with a body of scandal that will seduce those who prefer intense perfumes.

Aromatic structure


indian jasmine flower

– Jasmine from heaven

Top: at the top of the olfactory pyramid are the majestic and creamy notes of Indian jasmine. This means that the first impact you will feel when trying this fragrance will be incredibly floral. Jasmine sets the tone for the perfume for much of its aromatic evolution. And here this precious flower is presented in a grand and showy way, but no less sophisticated for that. Mugler offers us an excellent quality jasmine: exotic, inspiring, warm and aphrodisiac.

Heart: the woody notes bridge the floral notes of the mole and the amber base of the perfume. Cashmere or Cashmeran wood is actually a product of chemical synthesis with a very peculiar smell. Its aromatic behavior transits between musky, spicy and woody scents. And the best: with very rich nuances and a very interesting evolution. In short, a component that gives fragrances a futuristic, prismatic, kaleidoscopic soul.

Base: it is built around the warm and also white amber aphrodisiac. Fixing the fragrance on the skin is one of its roles. And she does it with great effort and affection: the perfume has a very high durability, and it is one of the current perfumes that last longer on the skin. Amber also gives it a warm, cozy, comfortable character. Its nature is sweet and resinous, as well as fascinating and mysterious.


Opinions on perfume


Its satisfaction rate is very high, it surpasses the 76% approval barrier. That is, 8 out of 10 people who know it approve of its smell.

Not only do women use it; many men also do it with good results thanks to the masculine hue that the fragrance acquires on the skin. In total, a large number of users claim to receive constant praise when they wear it.

People often describe it as a very original, unique, different and sexy perfume. Alien – His name couldn’t be more appropriate.

The fusion of notes as natural as jasmine with synthetic notes such as cashmeran cause a suggestive and curious effect. This almost disturbing effect is fun and interesting to most of the people who try it.

Some see it as a potion of magical powers. A perfume that plays with the concepts of tradition and futurism, nature and technology, mysticism and temptation.

Who is this fragrance for? Well, for people of his time. Those that attract attention naturally, for their own brilliance, their charisma. Mind spirits who value creativity and innovation.

The notes that users perceive most easily are those of jasmine. Amber is the second most noticeable scent.

Many people refer to a je-ne-sais-quoi, to a smell difficult to describe, strange, strange, something chemical. As you know, they are referring to the unique cashmeran notes.

According to opinions, it is a perfume for use rather at night and appropriate for autumn and winter. Even so, there are people who claim to wear it daily even in summer.

Regarding the negative points, Thierry Mugler Alien It is a fragrance that awakens love and hate, just like Angel. People who are satisfied with him love him and those who are dissatisfied hate him with strong intensity.

Some people report experiencing headaches mainly from the strength of the jasmine notes. Others see it as too strong or sweet perfume, scandalous. They are generally people who do not appreciate floral perfumes with a strong presence.

The bottle


And if there is something as striking as its name, it is the bottle that contains it. Acting as a faceted gemstone with the color of amethysts, its shapes are those of an alien artifact with a strange upright inscription that is nothing more than its name written up and down.

The claw-like details are metallic gold in color and give it an original sci-fi look, along with the wedge-shaped typeface.

thierry mugler alien

The set is completed by a white and gold box with a few brief purple details. Thus, we were more impressed when removing the jewel-bottle from its interior.

Thierry Mugler always looks for the precious side of his bottles. Instead of encouraging you to buy a new one when the first one is gone, it offers the possibility of refilling it in stores or using eco-refill bottles.

This is an ecological and cheaper initiative that began with Angel and is based on the French perfumery of the 18th century when customers bought the bottles and were filled “at the source” with the fragrance they wanted.

The Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler It comes in Eau de Parfum concentration in sizes of 30, 60 and 90 ml. Since 2009 it is also available as an eau de toilette.

There are also a series of products related to the world of fragrance: from deodorant, body cream and shower gel, to a bracelet or a haute couture case.

Alien is also available in a smaller version ideal for carrying in your bag.


Mugler looks up the sky again to create Alien perfume ~ Icy Fragrance opinion


Thierry Mugler waited for thirteen years to venture back into the field of women’s fragrances.

Angel, his first creation in 1992, had been the starting point of the so-called perfumes gourmands And it is possible that the weight of responsibility kept him on the sidelines until he found the idea for a worthy successor.

In this period of time he created a masculine fragrance with a mixture of disparate scents such as chocolate, lavender, coffee or mint (A * Men) and another unisex inspired by the smell of soap: Cologne.

A new perfume implies a new universe thanks to the overflowing imagination of Thierry Mugler. Alien embodies the attraction of a strange and mysterious being, a woman wrapped in sunlight that radiates a supernatural air and embodies the unknown.

2005 was the year of launch of this perfume for which it has the creators Laurent Bruyère and Dominique Ropion. The result is an elixir that exudes strength and radiance.


As the brand poetically says:

Everything comes together; the atmosphere is flooded in a miraculous moment of warmth and peace.

With her hand, she leaves us a message of hope, an aura that releases generosity and benevolence, the promise of a peaceful future.

Alien …

Alien, its essence, is the secret key to the beauty present in each one of us. Once you look into their eyes, you will never be the same person again.

The composition tries to match the expectation of a powerful imaginary through dense and magnetic aromas. Everything indicates that he has achieved it.


Unable to resist the trend of creating different versions of the original perfume, Mugler launched:

  • In 2008: Luminescent of a radiant orange color and introducing the aroma of mandarin.
  • In 2009: Sunessence, a limited edition designed for summer, cooler and with a solar color.
  • In 2011: Or d’ambre ”, a version of Sunessence in shades of pink.
  • In 2012: Essence Absolue with vanilla.
  • In 2013: Aqua chic with lemon and pink grapefruit, and Parfum Liqueur with almond nuances.
  • In 2014: Alien Eau Extraordinaire, a silky and fresh composition with notes of neroli, bergamot, amber and tea.

alien flankers versions

– Some of the versions / flankers of the Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler already released

The latest version of this popular perfume is the limited edition of 2017 Alien Eau Sublime, a fresh and aromatic eau de toilette perfect for the hot months of the year.


As you already know, Thierry Mugler passionately designs the universe of his fragrances. This creates an image that goes beyond advertising and delves into the need to build a true icon.

The image of the perfume could not be other than a woman who radiates sunlight and whose makeup makes her look like a mythical creature.

The first “sun goddess” as they call her on their website was Tina Baltzer, a model with unique features (a mix of Korean and Germanic ancestry) who has also been the face of other perfumes such as Noa de Cacharel.

Starting in 2009, a new ambassador is chosen: model Felicity Gilbert, who wears an opulent suit and gold make-up, in contrast to the primordial nudity of the previous version, and appears in the middle of a sumptuous pagan temple.

In 2014, model Alexandrina Turcan goes on to embody the new goddess in a spot Directed by Floria Sigismondi and with a soundtrack by Sigur Rós. Safety pin.

Here we leave the ad for you to take a look:

What do you think of Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume? Do you like it or you love it?

Alien Thierry Mugler: Jasmine of the Heavens

Release year: 2005

Perfumer: Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère (IFF)

Olfactory family: Oriental Floral

Top notes: indian jasmine

Heart notes: cashmeran

Base notes: white amber

Personality: floral, creative, edgy

Alien Thierry Mugler Perfume Price: € 48 approx. (per 30ml)

  • Too strong for some
  • High price


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