8 beach-scented perfumes that will make you dream of an eternal holyday


Some aromas have the power to teleport us back to childhood and unlock memories and make us relive special moments. I especially love fragrances that smell like sun cream or marine notes, citrus and fresh or powdered to travel back in time and feel that I smell like my grandmother or my mother smelled when sunbathing or taking a walk in the sun. sea ​​when we were little. We rescue the best perfumes that smell like the beach and that will automatically transport you to your childhood. The best? Some are fresh, powdered, with salty notes … You can’t just choose one.

Whether it is the smell of your mother’s perfume or the salty air of the sea, there is nothing like traveling through the fragrances that every day awaken you new untouched sensations and transport you to another time and place. And the link between memory and smell is known by all with many aromas that show that aromas are the best way to evoke our memories and make us happier.

In this sense, the aroma of the sea, for example, can take you back to summer days when you evoke long days of swimming on the beach or walks in the sun while enjoying a delicious smell of cream, dunes or nature. .

But why are beach-smelling fragrances so evocative? Some scientists believe that this is because our brain processes odors in a different way than our other senses, separating them and making memories even more intense.

These are our favorite beach-smelling perfumes that will automatically take you back to your childhood and put you in a good mood. Word!

One of the most universally welcoming environments is the beach. Is there anything more satisfying than the smell of the sea? The best perfumes that smell like the beach arrive with the freshest, powdered and citric notes. If you can’t wait for your next getaway, don’t miss out on our perfumes that will transport you directly to the beach, the sand and the summer sunsets.

It is to open a bottle of sunscreen and immediately travel to your last summer vacation with your partner, family or friends. This olfactory bond is so strong that it instantly improves your mood. Checked.

It’s amazing how the smell of the blue can of Nivea teleports us to that moment when your grandmother and your mother were smeared with sunbathing cream and put a glob on your nose and spread it gently on your face … on beach and sunny days. Well, that same aroma is collected in the perfume Eau de Toilette from Nivea (25.90 euros, is available at Amazon), an essential to take you everywhere.

Just putting it on will give you a sensation of powdery freshness that evokes your positive memories associated with your childhood with the people you love. Contains notes of ylang-ylang, freesia, rose essence, bergamot, mandarin orange and lavender.

A warm perfume that emulates the heat of the sun on your skin on a beach surrounded by dunes and exotic flowers. So is Terracotta Le Parfum Eau de Toilette, Guerlain (78.70 euros) It smells of coconut and vanilla and contains notes of bergamot, tiar flower, orange blossom and musk. It’s like a good summer sunset in a bottle.

The new fragrance in limited edition has been reached by the editorial staff Light Blue Sun from Dolce and Gabbana (103 euros, 100 ml) and we have already fallen for its warm aroma of lemon and coconut water … that inspire skin warmed by the sun’s rays on a Mediterranean beach. In addition, it has notes of green apple, gray amber, frangipani and musk among other inditas that make us dream of an eternal summer when put on your skin, where it leaves a creamy, fresh and powdery trail.

Inspired by the iconic L’Eau d’Issey, the new fragrance L’Eau d’Issey Shade of Sunrise from Issey miyake (65 euros, 90 ml) seems to capture the sky at sunset, covering the sea with multicolored reflections taking over nature. It smells of bergamot, lemon, jasmine and frangipani with sweet hints of almond, osmanthus and heliotrope, notes refreshed by others of fresh rose with drops of dew and nuanced by accords of soft coconut milk and woods such as sandalwood and cedar that evoke the aroma of salty skin bathed by the sea and tanned in an incredible beach location.

The aquatic sensation becomes the absolute protagonist when you put on the fragrance Les Eaux Biarritz from Chanel (112 euros) that evokes the force of the waves that break in foam on the sand. And it is that each of its notes transmits the sensation on the skin that each ingredient is impregnated with water. Its notes of grapefruit, mandarin orange, citrus and lily of the valley and vetiver and white musk intensify that refreshing and invigorating sensation.

Nothing like the smell of a cliff full of herbs washed by the salty sea to remember a few days by the coast and let yourself go … That is what you feel when you smell the fragrance Wood Sage & Sea Salt from Jo malone (108 euros, 100 ml), with which you feel an instant crush. We are not surprised that this perfume is one of the favorites of Meghan markle, because also another of ours. Notes of wood, sage, caramel and sea salt result in this cheerful fragrance that fills you with energy.

With its sweet coconut water notes, Velvet haze from Byredo (170 euros, 100 ml) leaves a velvety trail on your skin that makes you travel to a tropical paradise with woody notes of patchouli, cocoa and musk that surround you with their powdery, soft and earthy character and make you feel that you are in a dune by the sea

Some fragrances like Areia Salgada from Behaves (118 euros) contain ozonic, citric and green notes and make us dream of a happy sunset sipping a gin and tonic on a terrace on an Atlantic beach like Comporta. Apple, thyme, bergamot, cedar, amber, leather, bergamot, cypress … make this cologne another one of the essentials to remember on your skin a dream vacation near the sea.


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