11 Perfumes That are Synonym of Masculine Men

Fragrances synonym of attractive men

Surely you know that feeling of satisfaction when you put on a perfume that you like and someone compliments you on it.

The same as when someone looks up and smiles at you as they pass, or when you notice that people are getting very close to you while you have a conversation.

These perfumes are perfect to get those reactions from others. They are perfumes that last and leave a mark when they pass . They smell delicious, attractive, and masculine, as well as giving us great compliments.

perfumes que dejan huella hombre

11. Gentlemen Only Absolute

Gentlemen Only Absolute is a Givenchi fragrance that mixes elegance, masculinity and mystery.

It is a perfume made for a man with his gaze fixed on his goals. A cologne that transmits presence and sophistication, which results in a great help when it comes to having to demonstrate confidence in yourself and firmness in your decisions.

It smells of sandalwood, saffron, cinnamon and vanilla. It has all the masculinity of wood and spices, it has the sensuality of cinnamon and vanilla, and it has the elegant and exclusive sobriety of saffron.

Its formal and sophisticated scent makes it a perfect perfume for work. It adapts very well to office environments and it is very likely that you will receive a compliment from your co-workers 😉

On the other hand, it has a citrus bergamot note that gives it a juicy and sparkling texture, at the same time that it provides a refreshing background and prevents the cologne from becoming heavy.

gentlemen only absolute

It is a simple perfume but that everyone likes. It is very pleasant to smell, hyper masculine and with a character that sets you apart from others.

Our experience using it is that it lasts from morning to night and leaves a moderate trail. That is to say, it is in a medium range of intensity, but even so it is a perfume that lasts and leaves its mark as it passes .

In addition to the office, Gentlemen Only Absolute is especially striking at night: on a date, a dinner, celebrations, etc. It is a perfume for adult, elegant and determined men.


dior sauvage

10. Dior Sauvage

Surely you already know Sauvage: the perfume of the great outdoors, the unexplored and adventure. A perfume that awakens your most animal instincts.

No matter how popular it is and no matter how many people wear it: it is a perfume that works .

Not only does it smell great, but its scent is captivating and makes everyone feel comfortable around you. It is a perfume that speaks for you without the need for words, sending a message of strength and security to others.

It is woody, deep, suggestive, with mineral touches, slightly sweet and spicy … but what stands out the most in Dior Sauvage is ambroxan: an animal note with dry and rough textures, which fill the perfume with sensuality and mystery.

Here there is also a bergamot note, which in this case gives the sensation of appearing and disappearing inside the perfume, making it very difficult to ignore it. And it is a perfume that smells so good, is so durable and is so conquering, that it is difficult not to notice it when passing .

Another point that makes it such an exceptional perfume is that it is incredibly versatile. It can be used anywhere without fear of getting heavy, as it has a powerful smell, but at the same time it is fresh and does not saturate the air around it.

It is aimed at both young and old, and is a cologne that you cannot go wrong with if you are starting to take an interest in designer perfumes.


perfumes que duran mucho hombre

9. CH Men Privé

Whiskey, leather and cardamom. That is the chord on which CH Men Privé revolves: a modern perfume with a scent that radiates quality and masculinity.

Not only is it a perfume that leaves a mark as it passes, but it also leaves a mark on people. It has a delicious, different and addictive smell, with which people stick to you when you wear it.

It is the perfume that a man would wear who does not need to act to please others, who remains true to himself and his ideals. A man that everyone admires, regardless of having different opinions.

Its smell is a mark of identity, to the point where people associate you with its smell, and later they remember you simply by its aroma. Their ability to impact others is one of the characteristics that makes CH Men Privé so different.

The leather it contains is intense, elegant and of exquisite quality. Whiskey and cardamom blend into an alcoholic, slightly sweet and slightly woody scent that grabs attention. And the mix of everything results in a delicious perfume that receives non-stop compliments .

Women love it. That is another of its great strengths, since it is difficult to find a modern and masculine perfume at the same time.

Be careful not to go overboard with the spray because CH Men Privé is an intense perfume , and it leaves too great a trail if you don’t control it. It is an excellent perfume for young and old.

perfumes intensos que dejan estela

8. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

Ultra Male is the story of a man. A perfume that evolves from beginning to end, that does not remain stuck in a single scent, but moves with you.

This is the modernized version of Le Male, one of the most successful and sensual men’s perfumes of all time, which owes its fame to all those women who did not hesitate to give it to their partners.

The good? Unlike Le Male, this perfume is not overcrowded. It has the novelty factor going for it.

It preserves the DNA of the original, that woody and aromatic scent so masculine that it made it famous. However, it takes on a much sweeter and more explosive dimension, worthy of a perfume from this era, where standing out from the group is more important than ever.

It’s like adding a powerful and incisive vanilla, a crunchy pear and a hyper sexy patchouli note, to the classic mint, tonka bean and lavender accord of the original.

Some say that because he is sweet he is not masculine, but we cannot disagree more. Whoever thinks that, all you have to do is put it on on a Saturday night and see what happens.

To finish, Ultra Male is a perfume that lasts a long time and leaves a very large trail when passing , so it is best used in open spaces. We see it more focused on a young audience.

perfumes que dejan rastro al pasar

7. Mugler A*Men

Out of the entire list, this is possibly the riskiest perfume of all. You have to be careful when using it because you can be more successful than Coca-Cola, or you can fail miserably.

It is a perfume with a lot of presence. No matter how big the place is, as soon as you walk through the door you will smell from the other end of the room, and on the street you will leave a huge trail as you pass.

Now, not everyone takes the center of attention equally well. The problem and at the same time the magic of this perfume is that not only does it put you in the focus of many looks, but we even have experiences in which girls have used it as an excuse to approach to start a conversation.

That is why you have to take it with very high doses of confidence and good humor . If at the moment you do not feel determined enough to take it, it is best to reserve it for another day when you are more animated.

It has a smell that if you could, you would eat it. It is like a Starbucks caramel coffee to which vanilla, honey, milk and mint have been added, and a little citrus touch of bergamot that breaks with the creaminess of the rest of the ingredients.

It smells deliciously good, and best of all, it is a perfume that lasts forever .

We are no longer talking about it being a whole day, but you can take it in the morning, come home at night, shower, and wake up smelling it the next morning.

Where it stands out most is in informal situations, in the afternoon and at night. Focused on adult men.

perfumes que dejan estela

6. Montblanc Explorer

This perfume has raised some controversy because its smell is reminiscent of Creed Aventus. In case you don’t know it, Aventus is an exquisite woody perfume, with ingredients of the highest quality and a smell that drives anyone crazy.

But it has a small drawback … It costs 10 times more than this (more than € 300 per 100ml).

In our opinion, Explorer is a combination of Creed Aventus and Dior Sauvage. On the one hand, he has the luxury and power of Aventus, and on the other, he has the claw of Sauvage.

It is as if a successful businessman took off his jacket right after work, and put on a leather jacket instead.

It is the perfume of a successful man , elegant and sophisticated, but who keeps within him a spirit thirsty for adventure.

Its biggest similarity to Aventus is that they both share the smell of smoked pineapple. It has a deep, woody and slightly fruity texture that captures all the attention of the nose. An addictive and absolutely differentiating note.

In addition to pineapple, it also smells of ambroxan and leather, two notes that in combination create an enveloping aroma, with very, very sexy animalic touches.

The duration is excellent, it is a perfume that lasts at least 8 hours projecting. The footprint that it leaves when passing is not that great, but it stays in a moderate range. It is a perfume with which you cannot fail. For young and old.

Montblanc Explorer 100ml

versace eros

5. Versace Eros

Eros is a perfume inspired by a strong and energetic man, determined and willing to overcome the obstacles that separate him from his goals.

It is a perfume with a scent that invites you to go out and have fun. It is more than proven that it is the king of the night and of the party , even above other ‘disco’ perfumes such as One Million.

In addition, it is not crowded, so it stands out twice. If you are going out at night, Eros is a perfume that brings you knowing looks and smiles. The rest is up to you.

The bad part is that with the last reformulation it has lost part of what it was. It no longer develops with the same vividness, it no longer has the volume it had before: although the reactions it causes in others have not changed, it has become less charismatic and a little more boring to carry.

It has a sweet smell of apple, mint and vanilla. The combination is creamy and certainly a bit chaotic , as it comes out with so much energy and vividness that it produces an almost electric sensation on the nose.

Finally, it is mixed with a woody oak background that provides the last touch of masculinity. If there was any doubt.

Versace Eros is a perfume that lasts all day and leaves a trail as it passes , and is a very good option for young men.

bvlgari man in black

4. Bvlgari Man in Black

If we had to choose a perfume to impress someone on a first meeting, it is very likely that we would decide on this one.

At first glance it is not so flashy, but it has a warmth that gradually envelops you until you can no longer stop smelling it. It is a perfume with which the other person knows that they can feel comfortable and safe by your side.

It smells like a tray of Christmas candy next to a fireplace. It has a woody smell, with a hyper masculine leather, sweet tobacco and a rum note that gives it a bright alcoholic touch. The result is an intense, creamy and cozy smell.

It has a very large trail, but it is a perfume that is not going to bring you compliments from women with whom you do not have confidence. We have seen that it works much better in short distances.

However, it is a perfume that cannot be used all year round. In summer it is almost impossible to carry because of the huge trail it leaves behind, while its warmth makes it very easy to use in autumn and winter.

Man In Black is a charismatic, attractive and very masculine perfume , a perfume that lasts and leaves its mark on passing for an adult and confident man.

perfumes que duran mucho

3. Spicebomb

Spicebomb is a perfume that looks a lot like Bvlgari Man In Black. They both have the same kind of warm, spicy and sweet woody scent.

What sets Spicebomb apart is that, unlike Man In Black, this one does raise eyebrows and attract attention.

The sweet tobacco and the cinnamon here have the volume increased a thousand times. It is an explosion of an aroma between sexy, mysterious and incendiary.

It is a playful fragrance, that you like the first time, that gives a very good image and, therefore, very good results. And that is precisely why we have placed it at number 3: for its good results. It may not be a hyper complex fragrance, but the important thing is that it works. You put it on and it never leaves you unsatisfied.

On the other hand, Spicebomb is more versatile than Man In Black. This one can be used on those summer nights, when the sun is gone and the scorching heat has been replaced by a pleasant breeze.

It is a perfume that lasts all day and leaves its mark as it passes . It’s eye-catching, it smells great, it’s masculine, women love it… In short, a fragrance that anyone can wear and that deserves to be in the top 3.

perfumes que dejan huella hombre

2. La Nuit de l’Homme

To date, several versions of this fragrance have come out, all of them with a little twist on the original: one is sweeter, another fresher, another more powdery …

However, none surpasses the classic in its good smell, in the feeling of confidence that wearing it gives, in duration, in compliments, and ultimately, in everything that men look for in a fragrance.

It is a perfume that smells of quality, that simple. As it passes, a smell that is instantly noticeable is natural, where sweet notes and masculine notes of wood and spices prevail. Cedar wood, a sweet and creamy cardamom, a somewhat dry vetiver, and a final touch of tonka bean.

It has a very elegant smell, undoubtedly captivating, a bit dark, mysterious … and it has something that intense perfumes usually lack: subtlety and sensuality in its most refined form.

When using La Nuit de L’homme something funny happens, and that is that some women approach you little by little while you talk to them face to face, as if they wanted to stick their nose to your neck to smell you better. In fact, it is a comment that is made to us with quite surprising frequency.

It is a perfume for adult men, which lasts and leaves a trail when passing.

It smells extremely good, can be used all year long, is sexy, and has the perfect balance of elegance and mystery that is so loved. An incredible perfume that could not be in other than the number 2 position.

perfumes de hombre que dejan huella al pasar

1. Dior Homme Intense

It was impossible that this fragrance was not at the top of the list. Even so, it is not the one we recommend the most to buy blindly, since it has a somewhat complicated smell to use.

It is a fragrance to wear a suit, almost exclusively. If the occasion is appropriate to wear a suit, it is also appropriate to wear Dior Homme Intense.

It is a perfume with an incomparable elegance, to the point that it gives the feeling that it is made specifically to wear on large occasions . When you put it on and it begins to leave its wake, the smell it projects is that of a true gentleman: an educated, attractive man, with strong values, with a certain status, with class …

It is based on the notes of iris, ambrette musk and leather. It is a smell that gives a sensation and an image of neatness : floral and woody, a little dusty, deep, with nobility and masculine to the fullest extent.

Ambrette musk is a type of musk that has on the one hand the typical clean dusty smell of musk, and on the other it has an almost gourmand creaminess.

Without a doubt, Dior Homme Intense has one of the most unique and exquisite scents ever created.

In our experience, the duration never goes below 10 hours, but it is also that it projects with force and leaves a mark when it passes throughout the time it lasts, which is a sign that it contains natural ingredients . And of course, it is a perfume for adult men, without exceptions.




Perfumes that last and leave a mark when they pass. In this list there are fragrances for all types of men, for all ages and for all personalities. If you lack that complement that radiates charisma wherever you go and you have not been able to find it anywhere, here are 11 perfumes whose quality and effectiveness have been more than proven.


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