The 7 Best Marly Parfums Perfumes For Men

Los 7 Mejores Perfumes De Parfums de Marly Para HombresYear 2009 witnessed the birth of a new perfume brand that decided to opt for the really old to recreate a better present, we are talking about Marly Parfums, who are totally inspired by Louis XV, This results in their fragrances having a touch of maximum elegance together with a powerful presence.

As a man, this is an endorsement that almost no brand has the luxury of offering and therefore we want to offer you The 7 Best Marly Parfums Perfumes For Men, so that you are on the right path when making yourself feel with a perfume. Do not stop belonging to the total royalty and try them.


1. Lippizan, by Parfums de Marly


Lippizan, de Parfums de MarlyWith the characteristic aesthetics that have shown the world so much Marly Parfums is an unconventional brand comes the Lippizan, a fragrance that has been in charge of making men truly smiling, but that does not lose the focus of subtlety.

This was released in 2009 and has to his credit notes of musk, oak moss, amber, vanilla, leather, Virginia cedar, thyme and also Amalfi lemon. For all this, its fragrance can be taken as a superior aroma, full of citric, although also with certain lurches of sweetness, without a doubt a manly mix.

It has a long-lasting longevity and a moderate scent, and it is intended for you to use in spring.

2. Shagya Royal Essence, by Parfums de Marly


Shagya Royal Essence, de Parfums de MarlyVirtually all perfumes of Marly Parfums they are absolute royalty, therefore it is no wonder that Shagya Royal Essence so prove it. It is a perfume that has such classic elements that should never go out of style.

Have notes of guaiac wood, Egyptian papyrus, pink pepper, bergamot, geranium, oud wood or also lemon. It is a perfume that shows a fragrance certainly full of forests, as well as a lot of masculinity, but away from machismo, which is also noticeable in his fresh walk.

It has long-lasting longevity and a soft trail, as one who does not want the thing, but who in the end unfolds completely. Plus it’s made for him winter.

3. Byerley Royal Essence, from Parfums de Marly


Byerley Royal Essence, de Parfums de MarlyThis fragrance was released towards the year of 2014 and belongs to the Woody olfactory family for Men, which will leave you totally captivated by an essence that is strong, but also very sophisticated, gathering all the characteristics of the brand.

It has inside notes of guaiac wood, vetiver, resin, cedar and also bergamot. It is composed entirely of an aroma of oak, forest and man, which makes you the center of attention for when your maximum virility is needed.

It has a composition where you can highlight a lasting longevity as well as a heavy wake, symbols of what a man has to have to stomp without crossing the line. Ideal also for autumns.

4. Herod Royal Essence, from Parfums de Marly


Herod Royal Essence, de Parfums de MarlyWith a fragrance like the one contained in the Herod Royal Essence de Parfums de Marly which was released in 2012, you can be sure that modernity has also strongly affected this brand.

The perfume has its exclusive belonging to the Woody Spicy olfactory family for Men. Then you can have it to give your air a very balanced perfume, where nothing stands out above the other. Its scent is made of notes of osmanthus, vetiver, cypriol, musk, tobacco and labdanum. Everything so that you have a dry aroma, but at the same time fresh.

Incorporates a moderate longevity and a similar trail, and it is recommended above all for summer.

5. Percival, from Parfums de Marly


Percival, de Parfums de MarlyA word that defines the Percival de Parfums de Marly is distance, It is that fragrance that is given for the more independent men, those who are not afraid to be alone if it makes them feel better.

Its seal is belonging to the Citrus Aromatic olfactory family for Men and that is saying a lot, since their notes of jasmine, balsam fir, musk, cinnamon and lavender They will make you feel in harmony with nature, as well as very free in your own world.

It has a long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent, incredible given its strengths and is ideal for a beloved time such as the spring.

6. Darley Royal Essence, from Parfums de Marly


Darley Royal Essence, de Parfums de MarlyA fragrance like that of Darley Royal Essence is made for the party, especially for its notes of lavender, African orange or patchouli along with amber and tonka bean, composing for you an aroma tropical and partying, very bohemian.

It also has a long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent, perfect so that the fun never ends and you enjoy it in those summers full of sweat and adrenaline.

7. Godolphin Royal Essence, by Parfums de Marly


Godolphin Royal Essence, de Parfums de MarlyThis perfume with which we close, the Godolphin Royal Essence de Parfums de Marly He has that I don’t know how loved by women, so it’s your opportunity as a man to stand out.

Counting on notes of saffron, vetiver, Virginia cedar, amber, vanilla, leather and rose that have all those ingredients that will make their aroma a mixture sweet, citric, fresh, independent and very aromatic that you will like to the bone.

Its longevity is long-lasting and its trail is moderate, with which you will have a perfume for an entire evening, plus you have to take it with you in winter To be the separate note from that icy cold

Final Considerations


The perfumes of Marly Parfums They have that French stamp with elegance and love that drive women crazy, that is why these seven versions are the calls to take power in these situations.

But never leave aside your style and these perfumes are what you should choose to keep your personality intact!


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