Top 15 Elizabeth Taylor Perfumes For Women

Top 20 Elizabeth Taylor Perfumes For WomenThe glamor of the stars is not only seen in classic Hollywood cinema, but also in each of the perfumes promoted by them . Such is the case of the beautiful actress Elizabeth Taylor, who has not only left a legacy with her great film career, but also with her glorious perfumes.

All the excitement that their perfume line caused is not fortuitous, but responds to the combination of top quality ingredients, exotic accords and, in addition, a beautiful presentation , worthy of being collected. It could be said that few celebrity perfumes have managed to capture the soul of it in such a way as this brand that today has become our inspiration.

It is for this reason that we present you a list with the 15 Best Elizabeth Taylor Perfumes for Women , because if anyone knew about glamor, it was this inextinguishable star. So keep reading, because maybe here you will find that diamond that will make you shine to the fullest.

1. Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

This perfume belonging to the Floral-Aldehyde olfactory family , was launched on the market in 1991. It has been one of the best sellers of all time, obtaining in 2009 a recognition in the Perfume Hall of Fame. Its aroma is delicious and intoxicating , thanks to its main accord where floral, woody and spicy elements are combined. On the other hand, its presentation is elegant and has golden tones and an ostentatious edge that resembles a jewel.

In its top notes, the freshness offered by aldehydes, orange, bergamot, lily and neroli is perceived. Its heart, brimming with carnation flowers, Italian lily root, Egyptian tuberose, jasmine, Turkish rose, ylang-ylan and the aromatic cinnamon, subtly joins a mystical, present and warm background of amber, patchouli, musk , oak moss and sandalwood, causing an overflowing essence of luxury and sensuality.

With a heavy trail , it is very suitable for winter nights and autumn days. In the same way, the longevity on the skin is long-lasting and you will feel its pleasant fragrance for many hours. Mature women, who shine for their sophisticated bearing and who dazzle for their beauty, are assiduous to their exquisite smell.

2. White Diamonds Parfum by Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds Parfum by Elizabeth Taylor

This perfume is a special edition of its original and was launched on the market in the same year 1991 , under the Floral-Aldehyde olfactory family; thus reaching millionaire sales and positioning itself as one of the best sellers in history. Its beautiful transparent bottle, similar to a drop of water and culminated in a loop covered with several diamond-shaped stones, offers us a delicious elixir with floral, woody and spicy accords.

Its top notes of aldehydes, orange, white lily, neroli and bergamot, joining with the heart of cloves, cinnamon and flowers (orris root, tuberose, jasmine, Turkish rose, ylang-ylang and narcissus) becomes totally Irresistible. On the other hand, its animalic background of amber, patchouli, musk and warm woods such as oak moss and sandalwood, make the aroma intoxicating, decisive and sensual.

With a huge trail and long-lasting longevity on the skin , it is the perfect one so that on winter nights you can enjoy its scent for a long time. Not every woman can carry this essence, since only those mature women who have an overwhelming personality and who do not go unnoticed at any time will be able to carry it.

3. Brilliant White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Brilliant White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Splendorous, delicious and delicate , this is how we can classify this perfume that belongs to the Floral-Aldehyde olfactory family and was launched on the market in 2001. Its classic bottle has a silver cap and transparent body with flower reliefs, we also find inlays of stones that resemble small diamonds. Here, a nectar is contained that will immerse you in a world of luxury and glamor typical of a goddess.

Its main accord is floral, citric and animalic, composed of angelic top notes of tuberose and the refreshing mandarin. Then, we find a heart where fragrant notes of Bulgarian rose (Bulgarian Damask rose), honeysuckle and lily, join a mystical background of sandalwood, musk and sweet vanilla.

With a moderate trail, as well as longevity on the skin , this fragrance is perfect for the days and nights of the intermediate seasons of spring and autumn . It goes without saying that the classy, provocative and enigmatic ladies wear this unforgettable elixir with total majesty.

4. Passion by Elizabeth Taylor

Passion by Elizabeth Taylor

This perfume, inspired by Queen Cleopatra and described as one of the pioneers to hit the market under the representation of a celebrity, belongs to the Oriental olfactory family and saw its dawn in 1988. In its splendid, exotic and radiant purple bottle , carved with reliefs in the pharaonic style and translucent lid, it contains an exquisite aroma, composed of main woody, spicy, animalic and powdery chords that honor its presentation.

Exuberant elements make up this delusional and complex fragrance and its aroma unfolds in three phases. In its top notes, fresh scents of aldehydes, abrótano, coriander, gardenia, bergamot, ylang-ylang and lily of the valley (lily of the valley) are perceived; simultaneously, its heart is present where elements such as sweet honey, tuberose, jasmine, rose and orris root are accompanied by sandalwood, patchouli, heliotrope, spicy notes and warm cedar. Then all this melts in a decisive way with a mysterious background of incense, oak moss, vanilla, coconut, leather, musk, civet (civet) and, again, the delicious sandalwood and the solid cedar, resulting in an elixir worthy of beautiful and sensual women.

Its scent is heavy and its longevity on the skin ranges from long-lasting to very long-lasting , which is why its scent will cover you for many hours. In addition, it will serve you for the cold days and nights of autumn and winter. Enigmatic, elegant, determined and beautiful women will know how to wear this excellent cologne with glamor and firmness.


5. Forever Elizabeth by Elizabeth Taylor

Forever Elizabeth by Elizabeth Taylor

In 2002 this delicious perfume went on sale , under the Floral olfactory family. Its delicious main woody, fruity, powdery, floral and green chords are packaged in a beautiful transparent bottle, which offers us an aroma that will make you live an experience that will “forever” last in your memory, as well as in your memory. loved.

Refreshing and sweet top notes of blackberry (black raspberry), apple, Italian mandarin and the freshness of the greens, candidly join a heart of tiare flower, violet, orchid, rose and the exotic Egyptian jasmine. Then, as in a flash, its fragrance becomes more aromatic, powerful and warm thanks to its background of cloves, sandalwood, amber, woody notes and white musk, which will transport you to a world of unforgettable scents.

Its trail, like longevity on the skin, is moderate and during the days of spring, as well as in the summer, it will give you all its splendor. In the same way, you will be covered with its essence for many hours and it is suitable for use in offices and casual moments. This cologne has freshness, charm and seduction, and it suits both young  and mature ladies who always want to be the center of attention.

6. Love and White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Love and White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

The subtlety and candor of the flowers were conceived in this fragrance that belongs to the Musk- Floral – Woody olfactory family and was launched on the market in 2017. Its main floral, citrus , woody and animalic accords that offer you an essence Delirious and emotional, they are packaged in a romantic and elegant pink bottle, adorned with small crystals, similar to tiny diamonds.

Simple in composition, in its top notes the freshness of neroli, petit grain and mandarin is perceived. Likewise, in its heart the overflowing scents of flowers such as sambac jasmine (sampaguita), Turkish rose, tuberose and gardenia stand out, which are frantically joined to a warm, mystical and energetic background of cedar, sandalwood and musk.

With a huge trail and a longevity on the skin that ranges from moderate to long-lasting , it is ideal for you to wear during the cold days and nights of winter and autumn. Likewise, its delicious smell will cover you for a long time. This romantic cologne adapts to a diversity of women, both young and old and in offices. In casual moments and special occasions it will serve you very well, making you feel in love, excited and elegant.


7. Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor

Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor

With an aroma and freshness without equal and under the Floral olfactory family, this fragrance was launched on the market in 2003. Its main floral, musky and animalic accords combine to offer us a clean and light essence that is packaged in a beautiful green bottle, adorned with a flower-shaped cap.

Simple in composition, it has few elements, however, they are very strong, offering us a unique smell. In its top notes the delights of lily of the valley (lily of the valley) and green leaves are perceived; continues with heart notes of gardenia, graceful orchid and fragrant peony. Subsequently, its olfactory circle culminates by blending harmoniously with a background of musk and carnation.

With a moderate trail as well as its longevity on the skin , it is perfect for you to use on the days and nights of spring and autumn. In the same way, it is suitable for office environments and casual occasions, since with it you will feel fresh for many hours. This scent is timeless, so it looks great on young and old women, making them feel like a dreamy breeze.

8. White Diamonds Lustre de Elizabeth Taylor


White Diamonds Luster by Elizabeth TaylorHermosa, distinguida y cargada de majestuosidad, así fue concebida esta fragancia que pertenece a la familia olfativa Floral-Frutal y que fue lanzada al mercado en el año 2014. Su seductora y atrayente botella en color azul intenso, tapa plateada y con un borde ostentoso de cristales en forma de pequeños diamantes, contiene un elixir exquisito compuesto por acordes principales florales, amaderados y frutales.

Sus frescas y dulces notas de salida de bergamota, mandarina, pera y frambuesa, al unirse con un corazón floral y fragante de narciso, flor de azahar del naranjo, jazmín y raíz de lirio, y un fondo cálido de vetiver y sándalo que se acompaña de ámbar y almizcle, nos deleitará y volverá completamente adictas a su aroma energizante y confortante.

De estela pesada, es la perfecta para llevarla en las noches frías del otoño y del invierno. La longevidad sobre la piel es duradera, por lo que sentirás su grata presencia por muchas horas. A las mujeres maduras, seguras y con porte elegante, les sienta muy bien este perfume.


9. Sparkling White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Sparkling White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

This effervescent perfume belonging to the Floral olfactory family , was launched on the market in 1999. Its exquisite and fresh aroma, composed of floral, green and animalic main accords, is packaged in a snow-white bottle with a silver cap, the Which is adorned with the luxurious small diamond-shaped crystals, which symbolize the purity and richness of its elements.

The composition of its essence is simple and in it some floral top notes of lily, gardenia and neroli stand out. In its heart, the enveloping scents of jasmine, narcissus and the passion of the red rose are appreciated. Finally, a background of amber, woody notes and musk forcefully close its olfactory circle, offering warmth and resolution to this fragrance.

With a moderate trail as well as its longevity on the skin , you can wear it feeling safe for many hours on the days and nights of the intermediate spring and autumn climates. Women in the style of Elizabeth Taylor will highlight their attributes with this cologne.

10. Diamonds and Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds and Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor

This vintage perfume , which was launched on the market in 1993, under the Oriental-Floral olfactory family, offers us its exotic liquid composed of floral, spicy and powdery main accords. Its delicious aroma is contained in a classic and transparent bottle, which is adorned with crystalline details in the shape of diamonds, revealing its wonderful elixir in an intense yellow color and thus reflecting all its voluptuousness.

This essence is complex due to the variety of elements used in its creation, however, they were masterfully fused. The sharpness of its top notes is perceived by fragrant flowers such as lily, lilac and red rose that are accompanied by the sweetness of peach (peach) and almond wood. In its heart, the sovereignty of the orchid, jasmine, heliotrope, the delicious ylang-ylang, the lily of the valley (lily of the valley), some spices and, once again, the flaming rose make an appearance. It culminates its olfactory circle with a robust and aromatic base of sandalwood, amber, musk, benzoin, vanilla and cedar.

Its trail ranges from moderate to heavy , making it perfect for fall days and nights and winter special occasions . This fragrance is ideal for mature women who shine and are distinguished by their personal stamp.

11. Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor

Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor

Under the floral olfactory family and in 1996 , this provocative perfume was born. Delicious main floral, balsamic, woody and powdery chords are sheltered in this beautiful transparent and ribbed oyster-shaped bottle, which shows its intense and wonderful yellow liquid, displaying an almost imperial glamor.

This exotic scent is made up of few elements, but it possesses greatness by offering us its decisive and mystical fragrance that is worthy of an impetuous and seductive woman. In this way, in the top notes the citrus and refreshing bergamot, the sweetness of the peach (peach) and the freshness of the gardenia are perceived. Go forward with a heartfelt heart of water lily (water lily), white rose, and the mysterious lotus flower. To culminate, its olfactory circle closes with an overwhelming background of sandalwood, amber and musk, being a perfect combination that gives the essence an attractive and delusional sensuality that will make its wearer the center of all eyes.

Its trail ranges from moderate to heavy , making it ideal for the cold days and freezing nights of fall and winter. Likewise, it has a longevity on the skin that ranges between moderate and long-lasting, so with it you will be ready for the game of love at all times. This cologne is not for just any lady, but for a mature, refined and determined female who will know how to wear it with the subtlety and elegance required to flaunt an elixir that is only for goddesses.


12. Violet Eyes by Elizabeth Taylor

Violet Eyes by Elizabeth Taylor

One of the most outstanding qualities of Elizabeth Taylor are her beautiful violet eyes and in this perfume launched on the market in 2010, under the Floral olfactory family, its creator wanted to recreate an elixir comparable to this outstanding attribute. Its presentation is a classic white bottle, with a rim of crystals that resemble small diamonds and a silver cap. Here, it contains its peculiar aroma loaded with delicious main floral, woody, amber and fruity chords, which impeccably reflect the intention with which it was conceived.

Few elements were used in its composition, however, they were masterfully fused to offer us an intoxicating and seductive nectar. In this way, in its sweet exit the peach (peach) is perceived; then it continues with a heart of fragrant flowers like jasmine and lush rose, and finally culminates its olfactory circle with a warm background of Virginia cedar, sensual amber and glorious peony.

With a moderate trail as well as longevity on the skin, it is preferred for the bright days of spring and summer . Likewise, in special moments it will give you all its delicacy for many hours. This fragrance is perfect for young and old women, and in outdoor environments and offices, its suggestive but discreet scent will make you look great. 


13. White Diamonds Night by Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds Night by Elizabeth Taylor

Under the Floral-Musk-Woody olfactory family , this perfume was born in 2016. Its bottle is very elegant in black and with the characteristic edge of tiny crystals that resemble small diamonds. Its main citric, floral, balsamic, woody and powdery accords offer us a delirious aroma designed to make you look on special nights.

In its simple composition, the refreshing top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange and apricot stand out. Then move on to a heart of nigth blooming , jasmine and freesia; thus culminating in an energetic and decisive background of sandalwood, musk, patchouli and warm resin.

Its scent is moderate and its longevity on the skin is long-lasting , so it adapts very well to the cold seasons of autumn and winter. In the same way, its smell will hug you for many hours. This fragrance combines perfectly with women with a regal and passionate character, those who stand out from other women.


14. Diamonds and Emeralds de Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds and Emeralds by Elizabeth Taylor

Under a versatile concept , this delicious fragrance was created in 1993. It belongs to the Oriental-Floral olfactory family for women and its stylized transparent bottle, with the characteristic seal of an inlaid edge of crystals that resemble small diamonds, protects an exquisite aroma composed of floral, fruity and animalic main accords.

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Of complex character, its top notes include the freshness of apricot, orange blossom, gardenia, mandarin, peach (peach), white rose, hyacinth, sage and water lily (water lily). Go forward with a heart brimming with flowers such as magnolia, carnation, tuberose, lily, jasmine, lily of the valley (lily of the valley) and, once again, the flaming rose. It continues towards a glorious and decisive background of tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk and the sweetness of vanilla, thus culminating its olfactory circle and offering us its unique heavenly scent.

Its trail is moderate and its longevity on the skin is long-lasting , being very useful for the days and nights of all seasons of the year, although during the summer you should wear it with caution. This cologne is suitable for mature women who shine with their own light, since its exquisiteness will be coupled with that character.

15. Diamonds and Sapphires by Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds and Sapphires by Elizabeth Taylor

This vintage perfume, belonging to the Floral-Fruity olfactory family , was launched on the market in 1993. Its exquisite and delicious main accords are floral, green, fruity, ozonic, sweet and woody, and were packaged in the classic transparent bottle with tiny diamond and sapphire crystal inlays, revealing their shimmering yellow liquid.

Uncomplicated in character, its top notes are sweet and fresh elements such as melon, freesia, peach (peach) and lily of the valley (lily of the valley). These are fused with a heart of flowers such as jasmine, ylang-ylang and the exquisite rose, which are accompanied by rhubarb and spices, giving its aroma a very special and exotic touch. It culminates its cycle flagrantly with a background of sandalwood, musk and vetiver, which gives us unparalleled well-being.

With a moderate trail as well as its longevity on the skin , it is ideal to be worn during the days and nights of the whole year, although it is during the daytime hours of the warm seasons when it will give you its maximum performance. It is appropriate for office environments and romantic walks, and an excellent alternative for women of a wide age range.

Final Considerations

Being a true icon of fashion , Elizabeth Taylor was very interested in jewelry, which we would later see reflected in the beautiful and delicate bottles of her fragrances, inspired by precious stones and important pieces of goldsmiths. In the same way, his magisterial formulas are based on some of his most famous fictional characters, as well as his personal tastes, resulting in unmatched essences that well penetrated the public.

He debuted in the world of perfumery in 1987 with the legendary Passion fragrance , obtaining great acclaim from critics and, in addition, massive sales that would stand out especially with White Diamonds (1991), which would be considered a top seller. .

As you may have seen, these perfumes contain the glamor, beauty and ostentation worthy of a movie star. Not in vain this immortal lady has been recognized as an icon of style of all time, millions of women throughout the world have bought her fragrances and continue to repeat them.

Without a doubt, this woman with a capital W, knew how to earn a place in the hearts and windows of the entire globe. So, if you have not tried their fragrances yet, what are you waiting for, run to the nearest perfumery that we are sure you will not regret.


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