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Do perfumes expire?

Perfumes are made so that the notes last, but it is inevitable that their properties will evaporate over time. You cannot make a perfume last forever with the same scent, but you can extend its useful life a little more if you keep it in the right way.

perfumes expire?


Expiration of perfumes


When we talk about “Expiration of a perfume” we mean that the notes stop being perceived with intensity, some even disappear. Once your perfume stops being “potent”, it starts to expire.

Perfumes don’t have an exact Date of Expiry, since this depends a lot on how they are preserved, but it is said that intense perfumes last approximately 3 to 4 years and mild perfumes 1 to 2 years, after this time the notes begin to disappear, modifying their smell little by little . Although in fact there are some that last decades with all their properties almost intact, it depends mainly on the aromas that compose it, the percentage of alcohols and the fixers it contains.



Expired perfumes


An expired perfume, is it harmful to health? The answer is no, perfumes only lose potency, but they are not harmful. Unlike other products, a perfume can continue to be used with the difference that its aroma will be much more attenuated.

If the scent of your perfume it’s not nice do not continue using it, do not discard it, you can give it a second life by giving it one of the following uses:

  • Nail polish remover. Due to its strong alcohol content, it is an ally in removing the paint from nails.
  • Computer & keyboards cleaner. Alcohol helps remove dirt and bacteria accumulated between the keys and the edges.
  • Clean mirrors. Thanks to the alcohol solution, it allows the mirrors to shine, without leaving marks.
  • Air freshener for bedrooms or bathrooms. Perfumes that have not completely lost their scent are ideal for bedrooms, as the aroma will last a long time.
  • Spray for shoes. Some people use it this way to avoid bad foot odors.
  • Air freshener in mattresses and pillows. A few drops of your perfume and you can sleep with a rich aroma. I would do it in the corners.

However, there are already products specially designed for the aforementioned uses, the ideal is to give your perfumes the proper use, so it is important to know them, from their aromatic notes to their composition and the care that they should be taken.


Longer lasting fragrances


Some notes are more prone to spoiling and modifying, even losing their aroma. In addition to the preservation of your perfume, its composition also influences, there are substances that act as preservatives extending expiration. Oxidation, for example, is one of the biggest risks, which is why perfumes that contain a higher concentration of alcohol last longer.

Perfumes with more oily bases, and therefore with a lower amount of alcohol, expire more quickly, just like natural perfumes that avoid some chemical elements and therefore alcohol.


The aromas that belong to the chypre olfactory family, a high concentration of patchouli, resins or incense can risk the duration of the aroma, these aromas are so strong that as time goes by their essence degrades, they become a little more soft, however they do not lose their properties overnight.

On the other hand, the floral and fresh aromas last less time, this is due to the fact that their composition is light, they also tend to evaporate two by three. For this reason, it is advisable not to stop using this type of perfumes, you have to finish them before they evaporate over time.


Floral scents

As with other products, anything that is cared for can last longer than is normally said. We must get advice to take care of our favorite perfume correctly and prevent them from being damaged more quickly.

Care in perfumes


If we want our perfume last longer with its original scent it is important to take the necessary care and keep it in the right places. The best option is to keep your jars away from light, in an area protected from the sun’s rays.

Light breaks down some molecules in the fragrance, leading to early oxidation. Another damage that the sun brings to our perfumes is the heating of the formula, which means that some essences evaporate and others predominate. Similarly, it is important to keep perfume bottles away from heat sources, in addition to windows.

If the perfume is not cared for, it will lose its intensity and color due to degradation, and an alcohol aroma with water can even be perceived.



A trick to preserve your perfumes is to keep them stored in their original box and in a cool place, such as a closet or a drawer, also if you keep them closed they will not be in contact with the air or the environment since too much oxygen inside the bottle it can alter molecules.

Now that you know how to preserve the content of your perfume, prevent it from expiring. Visit our page and find your ideal perfume.


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